iPhone XS Max – Powerful Accessories for Apple’s Flagship Device in 2022

iPhone XS Max holds the title of being Apple’s flagship in 2019 which means that iPhone XS Max is the best handheld device that Apple has to offer until September when iPhone 11 is scheduled to launch. Even though iPhone XS Max might be equipped with a plethora of powerful hardware specs which make it possible to run heavy-duty tasks without ever having to worry about the device shutting down or getting overheated, truth be told, the only way to unlock iPhone XS Max’s full potential is by pairing it with the right accessories.

Since Apple is one of the world’s biggest and most renowned smartphone manufacturers, then it should come as no surprise that there tens of third-party companies that specialize in creating accessories for iPhone XS Max. We know that picking the right accessory can be difficult because you will need to compare the price of the said accessory with the ones sold by other companies and this is why we have decided to do that for you. Therefore, today we are going to present the best iPhone XS Max accessories which offer the best quality to price ratio. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Top 5 iPhone XS Max Accessories

#1 Dongle

Ever since Apple removed the classic headphone auxiliary plug from its iPhone design, dongles have become a “must-have” for all iPhone users. This is why for our first place, we want to present the headphone adapter made by KETURITON. This is a 2-in-1 converter which features support for iPhones that are running on iOS 12 or higher.

The great thing about this dongle is the fact that it features a special system called “Plug and Play”. What this means is that iPhone XS Max users are not required to install any type of software on their devices and that the only thing they need to do is to simply plug in the dongle and then the headphones. We should note that the dongle has two ports, one for headphones and the other one for charging.
Price: $9.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger

Getting a wireless charger is a must for iPhone XS Max power users! Having a premium accessory as the wireless charger made by NAMANI will basically change the way you use your iPhone XS Max. The reason why we are saying this is because all iPhone XS Max users can simply place the wireless charger on their desk or nightstand and they will never run out of battery again.

Despite the accessory’s super affordable price tag, it still features 2-coil fast charging technology which is 1.4 faster than the average wireless charger. The folks at NAMANI have also made sure to pair the wireless charger with “Quick Charge 2.0” technology which enables the accessory to charge any iPhone XS Max in record speeds.

We also want to mention that the wireless charger made by NAMANI offers two charging modes. The first one is called “fast charge” and as the mode’s name implies, it is designed for iPhone XS Max users who are in a hurry. The second mode is called safe charging makes sure that there is no way for the iPhone XS Max to face any surges or overheating.
Price: $15.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#3 Enhanced Cameras

Enhanced Cameras

We know that most people choose to purchase iPhones because Apple is always equipping them with the latest camera technology and iPhone XS Max is the perfect example of that because the handheld device is renowned for the high-quality pictures that it takes. However, what if we told you that there is a way to enhance the cameras of iPhone XS Max? The trick to making this possible is to purchase a special lens kit such as the one created by KNGUVTH.

This is a 5-in-1 lens kit and it features 12x telephoto zoom lens, 0.36x super wide angle lens two 15x macro lenses which can be used for their “fisheye” mode. All lenses are made from industrial grade aluminum alongside premium quality optical lenses which means that they are built to last. The last thing that we want to note is that these lenses are compatible with multiple smartphones, including the ones made by Samsung.
Price: $25.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#4 Protective Case

Protective Case

Even though most iPhone users don’t want to put cases on their devices because they don’t want to take away anything from their beautiful designs, a protective case is mandatory. The glass back of Apple’s latest iPhones can easily be cracked or the display can get scratches and as we all know, Apple’s is not too cheap on repairs. This is why it’s always worth it to get a protective case such as the made by OtterBox which is an accessory maker that is renowned for the quality of its products.

This protective case is made from synthetic rubber material alongside a durable polycarbonate shell which will keep the iPhone XS Max safe from all damages. Despite its bulky look, the protective case is actually quite lightweight and it doesn’t make the iPhone XS Max feel heavy at all. In addition, the protective case uses a “slide mechanic” which makes it super simple to put it on an iPhone XS Max or to take it off.
Price: $26.50
Purchase it from Amazon

#5 Sport Armband

Sport Armband

The last accessory for iPhone XS Max that we have on our list is the sport armbar made by LOVPHONE. Obviously, this accessory is designed for people who enjoy sports such as running, cycling and much more. The great thing about this sport armband for iPhone XS Max is the fact that it is adjustable and therefore, it will fit on anyone’s arm. To top it all off, the material has a reflective strip to make the iPhone XS Max user more noticeable to drivers.
Price: $8.59
Purchase it from Amazon

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