iPhone XS Max – The Best Accessories On Amazon Right Now

If you just bought a new iPhone XS Max, then the next thing that you need to do is to start thinking about pairing the device with accessories. Even though iPhone XS Max might be Apple’s most expensive iPhone yet, it still needs from a couple of accessories in order to reach its maximum potential. Some of these accessories are actually essential items such as AirPods, but Apple doesn’t want to bundle them with the smartphone.

Nonetheless, one of the greatest things about Apple’s iPhones is the fact that third-party companies are always creating premium devices. The reason behind this is simple, iPhones need accessories and third-party companies know that too well. With that said, we wanted to spare you the trouble of having to search for the right iPhone XS Max accessories and we rounded up the top eight most useful ones that can be found on Amazon.

The Best iPhone XS Max Accessories

#1 AirPods

 AirPods iPhone XS Max Accessories

We are going to start our list with Apple’s AirPods. Apple shocked the world when it removed the classic 3.5mm headphone jack and launched AirPods. These earbuds are wireless and they offer a high quality audio experience. In fact, AirPods are so good that a large part of Apple’s fanbase is angry with the company for not bundling them with iPhones. Since the AirPods are created by Apple, then you should know that they are made from premium materials and that they will work perfectly with iPhone XS Max.
Price: $204
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 Belkin Charging Pad

Belkin Charging Pad for iPhone XS Max

Belkin holds the title for being the world’s “#1 third-party maker of wireless charging accessories” and this company is renowned for designing accessories that are optimized for Apple’s devices. Therefore, the Belkin Charging Pad is an excellent choice for a new iPhone XS Max owner who wants to make sure that the device’s battery is always kept at 100%.

This accessory features a charging speed that goes up to 7.5W and it is Qi-enabled which means that devices from other companies such as Samsung and Google can also be charged with it. The Belkin Charging Pad a great accessory to have around.
Price: $29.99
Get it from Amazon

#3 Lifeproof Case

Lifeproof Case for iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max is a great looking smartphone and even though you might not want to use a case because you love flaunting the smartphone’s sleek design, you need to consider getting a hardened case. The all-screen design of iPhone XS Max makes it easy for the smartphone to get scratches and, as we all know, Apple charges a lot in order to repair or change displays. With that said, we advise all iPhone XS Max owners to get a Lifeproof case.

This case is perfect for iPhone XS Max because its water and snow proof. Not just that, but the Lifeproof case can also be submerged two meters in water for an hour and nothing will happen to it. In addition, the Lifeproof case features an IP-68 Ingress Protection Rating and it is shockproof.
Price: $62.60
Purchase it from Amazon

#4 TORRAS Wireless Car Charger Mount

TORRAS Wireless Car Charger Mount for iPhone XS Max

If you like traveling, then getting a wireless car charger mount for your iPhone XS Max is the best thing that you can do. This accessory will make sure that your iPhone XS Max never runs out of battery charge. Moreover, the wireless car charger mount can also be used when you want to get directions from the GPS because you can mount the iPhone XS Max on the dashboard so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road for even one second.

Also, since this wireless car charger mount is Qi-enabled, then this means that it can charge additional smartphones and not just iPhone XS Max.
Price: $29.99
Buy it from Amazon

#5 ICHECKEY Privacy Screen Protector

ICHECKEY Privacy Screen Protector for iPhone XS Max

We previously mentioned that iPhone XS Max’s all-screen design makes it easy for the screen to get scratches. Well, if you still don’t want to get a hardened for your iPhone XS Max, then you should at least consider getting a screen protector. This screen protector is made from tempered glass that will keep your iPhone XS Max safe, but this is not the best thing about it.

What makes this screen protector worth our attention is the fact that it is uses anti-spy technology. Yes, you read that right! The screen protector is only visible within +/- 30 degrees, a two-way side-view filter is incorporated into the glass to obstruct the view of your screen from onlookers. Now, this is a nice accessory to have around.
Price: $12.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#6 Maxdara Back Glass Screen Protector

Maxdara Back Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XS max

Since we talked about protecting iPhone XS Max’s display, we can’t forget about the back of the device that is made from glass. While this design feature might make iPhone XS Max look great and feel amazing in people’s hands, it also makes the device vulnerable. There is a high chance that the back glass panel will break if the iPhone XS Max is dropped on hard surfaces such as concrete, but here is where the back glass screen protector from Maxdara comes in to save the day.
Price: $7.99
Buy it from Amazon

#7 PortPlugs

PortPlugs for iPhone XS Max

Everyone who owns one of Apple’s latest iPhones that ships with a Lightning Charging Cable will tell you that there’s a big problem with it, the cable bends really fast and it breaks. The low quality of the charging cable is annoying, especially when considering how expensive they are.

On the bright side of things, the Lighting Charging Cable can be protected by using PortPlugs. To make things even better, PortPlugs sport a sleek aluminum design that doesn’t take away from iPhone XS Max’s beauty at all. The design goes along perfect with the sleek looking iPhone XS Max and it will make the Lighting Charging Cable stand out.
Price: $7.29
Get it from Amazon

Final Thoughts…

If you just got a new iPhone XS Max or you are planning to buy one for your significant other or kids for Christmas, then you should consider getting one of the accessories that we’ve listed above. Every accessory offers premium quality and services that will help you unlock iPhone XS Max’s maximum potential.

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