Why is it difficult for an Entrepreneur to Manage a Startup and a Girlfriend?

When love is in the air, it is not easy to focus on anything else, that’s what people say and this is what I believe too. If you have a dream, focus is very important. You need to give your 100% to be able to focus on it and work hard to actualize it. Not everyone gets a chance to do so. If you are fulfilling your dream of having your own start-up then you need to sweat out to make this a success.

Why is it difficult for an Entrepreneur to Manage a Startup and a Girlfriend

Life of a Start-up founder

Life of a Start-up founder

All the newcomers who are heading towards a business start-up don’t have a very easy life. They have a hell lot things going on in their life right form managing money to time and managing a family to a girlfriend. All this gets messed up if any one of them starts giving up or gives a hard time. If there is scarcity of money and time, then managing the business will be difficult. Similarly, it is also important to manage family and girlfriend for a start-up businessman; thus, managing business and relations becomes a little tedious task but he has to do to have a balanced life.

Can Girlfriends be a distraction?

Can Girlfriends be a distraction

Oh yes! It is one of the biggest distractions today. Having a girlfriend and not be able to give time is like a nightmare to most of them. Having a business start-up involves a lot of work hours besides the regular work timings. You might have to sit back at office or work from home to complete a few tasks that might need your immediate attention. This is a learning phase where you need to be on your toes all the time. Then having a girlfriend who actually needs your time will kill most of your time. It can distract you from all the important work. So you need to either prioritize or manage your time accordingly.

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Will Your Girlfriend Understand that Your Business Needs more time?

Will Your Girlfriend Understand that Your Business Needs more time

Well, this is one question that is really contradictory. This may differ from person to person, but still girls are little difficult at this place; if they are committed to anyone they do need their time and might be little difficult for them to understand this. So the better to say is, that when you make a girlfriend do share your plans and make sure she wants to be a part of it to help you fulfilling it, if not by working with then by giving you the emotional strength.

Girlfriends consume most of the strength by quarrelling over the petty issues. Having a sensible and ambitious woman as your girlfriend can be like an icing on the cake as she will definitely understand the importance of success. And might not hamper you much on your timings.

How to manage time Meeting Your Girlfriend or Meeting a Client?

How to manage time Meeting Your Girlfriend or Meeting a Client
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This is one very important thing. Your business and your girlfriend both need your time and you have to handle this very well. Both need your time and attention and if you wish to have both at the same time you need to be very clever to deal with this. You will have to make sure to give your client enough time to help grow your business or else you land up doing nothing. If you think you will not be able to manage the time between your start-up and girlfriend, then you need to take a step and decide what is more important. Your girlfriend or your business; you have to make that decision or you can have both with just a little management.

Managing Mood Swings with conflictions in your Business or with Girlfriend

Managing Mood Swings with conflictions in your Business or with Girlfriend
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There will be several occasions when you would have setback in your business and you would not be in a jittery. There would also be instances where there are some issues with the girlfriend that does not allow you to focus on your business. These changes in moods can affect both your business and your relation with your girlfriend. Here is where you need to separate personal and professional life. I know it’s easier said than done, but if one tries one can go a long way without having any problems. Doing a little yoga every morning can help you manage your stress levels and give you a proper peace of mind.

Relationship at times causes a lot of mental stress. Being the owner of a start-up already comes with a lot of pressure and then to handle the pressure of your partner is like the most frightening nightmare. One needs to learn the skills of balancing love life and professional life. Be it any gender, both have their own problems and dreams. So before you mix the two and plan to shut down your just started business, a little advice is to learn the skills to balance your business and personal life well.

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