DIESEL APP: Launch Your Favourite Apps from Notification Bar on Android

Your smartphone never allows you to take a moment of respite as it constantly buzzes, whistles, hoots, rings and makes other sounds. And these resonances suggest that you have got messages on your Hangout, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Twitter or email. This forces you to check them by swiping down the notification bar on the phone screen.

This is when your annoyance doubles as you have to check each messages or mails by tapping on different apps. Moreover, to open the apps, you have to search a particular app from the long list of apps you have downloaded on your Android phone. If you are a pro user, you must have downloaded a number of apps for different purpose. You wish you could have used shortcut to access your favourite apps or frequently used apps.

With the help of DIESEL app, it is now possible for users to launch their favourite apps from Notification Bar on Android phones. This app offers multiple benefits apart from allowing you to add app shortcuts in your notification bar on Android device.

DIESEL APP Launch Your Favourite Apps from Notification Bar on Android

How does DIESEL work?

First off download DIESEL from Google Play Store. Open the app from the Play Store itself and you will find how you can make the most of the app. Before you explore the app further, you need to make a necessary change in the Settings; this change is to enable accessibility service for the DIESEL to work. So, launch Settings, then go to Device and tap on Accessibility option. Under the Service section, you will find this app that you need to toggle ON.

Create Shortcuts

This will enable DIESEL to access all your apps and you will be able to see the apps when you swipe down the Notification Bar. Now your job is easy. Open DIESEL app from the list and toggle “Show Most Used Apps” ON. While you are on the Home page of the app, you can see a row of circles on the top. Hard press each circle to bring up a list of apps on your phone. Tap on the app you want to create shortcut of. Easy, right? Now repeat the same step to create some more shortcuts so that you can access your favourite apps from Notification Bar.

Add More Apps

Normally in a row you can add five shortcuts of the apps; and if you want to create more shortcuts, you should first toggle “Enable second row” option from the Settings of DIESEL app. Two notifications will be available for shortcuts once you choose this option.

Among other cool features of the app are: change background colors, change shapes for the icons, apply icon packs for shortcuts, block apps you don’t want to see in shortcuts and app statistics to see the app usages on your Android phones.

DIESEL is an awesome app for every Android smartphone user. It’s a free app; go ahead and don’t get bogged down by repertoire of notifications. Quickly access your favourite apps and reach out to your loved ones immediately.

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