Finally, Google has launched Audiobooks on Google Play in 45 countries. It is Google’s step to help you fulfill New Year resolution to read more. But do you find the time? You are busy following your office targets, trapped in traffic or maybe pursuing your own weight loss targets. So what? You can always get audiobooks to Play on your Google Home. That’s the beauty of this Google Assistant smart speaker. Check this quick guide and you will be able to listen to audiobooks on Google Home and Google Home Mini or Max.

While Amazon has its own Audible, where users can pile up all their audiobooks, Google doesn’t offer you any such facility. In fact, one has to buy audiobooks from the Google Play Store and listen to them individually on their iOS or Android devices. Simply download Google Play Books app on your Android and iOS device and you can download the audiobooks; you may not find free audiobooks on Google Play Store, but you can always listen to the sample audiobooks for a few minutes.

The best thing about audiobooks in Google Play is that you are not supposed to cast or stream audiobooks over Bluetooth to listen to the books on your Google Home. This is an excellent advantage for listeners as they can listen to their favorite audiobooks on all their devices and switch between them effortlessly. So when you are listening to an audiobook at home via Chromecast on your smart TV, you can continue this audible delicacy in your car on your iPhone or Android phone while driving to your office; when you are back home, keep listening to the same audiobook on your Google Home speaker in your bedroom without losing the plot of a whodunit.

You can buy your choice of audiobooks from this link or from the app on your Android or iOS device. While shopping an audiobook, check your Google account.

How to Listen to Audiobooks on Google Home and Google Home Mini or Max

How to Listen to Audiobooks on Google Home and Google Home Mini or Max

How to Buy Audiobooks from Google Play Books on Computer

Step #1: Launch Google Play books on your PC or Laptop.

Step #2: Now, find your Audiobook or explore some recommendations.

Step #3: To download Audiobook, Click on Price button.

Step #4: Click on the Buy button.

Step #5: To listen to a Sample, Click on Play Sample button.

How to Buy AudioBooks from Google Play on Android

Step #1: Open Google Play Books App on your Android device.

Step #2: Now, tap on Shop.

Step #3: Next, find your favorite Audiobook.

Step #4: Tap on Price and then tap on buy Audiobook button.

How to Download AudioBooks Using Wi-fi Only from Google Play on Android

If you don’t want to use your cellular data to download, then you can turn on this download audiobooks using Wi-Fi only feature. Follow these steps to enable or disable it.

Step #1: Launch Google Play Books App on your Android phone or tablet.

Step #2: Tap on Menu from the top left.

Step #3: Tap on Settings.

Step #4: Turn On or Off Download over Wi-Fi only option.

How to Find an Audiobooks You Purchased on Android from iPhone and iPad

You won’t be able to make Google Play purchases from iPhone and iPad. But you can download audiobooks you Purchased on Android Phone or tablet. The Audiobooks you purchased from Google Play Books website are synced to your library.

Step #1: Open Google Play books App on your iPhone and iPad.

Step #2: Tap on three horizontal lines i.e menu.

Step #3: Tap on My Library.

Step #4: Here you will find all the Audiobooks you purchased.

How to Get Audiobooks to Play on Google Home Smart Speaker

Make sure that you are signed in to same Google Account, which you used for buying Audiobooks from Google Play.

When your audiobooks are in your library, you can use Google home to play Audiobooks by speaking few Google Home commands:

“OK Google, read my book” to play the most recently listened to audiobook.
“OK Google, read Pride and Prejudice”.
“OK Google, previous/next chapter of Pride and Prejudice” to change chapters.
“OK Google, how much time is left?” to check how much time is left.
“OK Google, who wrote this book?” to know the name of the author.
“OK Google, read my book on “name of Chromecast” if you want to listen to your audiobook on another device.

Note that Google Play controls for other playback features, like music or podcasts, work the same for audiobooks.

“OK Google, resume/continue/pause” to play or pause the audiobook.
“OK Google, stop” to stop playing the book.
“OK Google, stop in 20 minutes” to set a sleep timer.
“OK Google, skip ahead 15 minutes/seconds” to skip ahead.
“OK Google, go back 20 minutes/seconds” to go back.

That’s all friends!

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Isn’t it a cool new addition to the Google Play Store? Now explore your audiobook library and listen to audiobooks on Google Home or on your smartphone.


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