On your Amazon Echo devices, you have been doing multiple activities following a list of alexa commands. But have you ever thought of trying something unique? Why don’t you ask Alexa to read audiobooks for you? Yes, for a change, you can listen to audiobooks.

It is so tiresome to hold that voluminous book in your hands. Better hand it over to Alexa and the digital voice assistant will read audiobooks and you can listen to it comfortably. Want to know how to listen to audiobooks on Amazon Alexa? Scroll down and read the method.

Until now, you have been updating your shopping lists, reminders, or to-do lists to your Amazon Echo via Alexa. But Alexa can do more than these traditional chores. All you need is to ask Alexa to open your favourite audiobook and stroll around or just lay back in a chair.

Before you can go ahead, you need to connect to Audible or Amazon account. Moreover, you need to purchase a new book, which has hit the market recently, to listen to audiobooks.

Note that your Audible account is linked with your Amazon account, and therefore, it won’t be a headache for you to set up Alexa. If you want to buy more audiobooks, you should be signed into the Audible app. The app will then sync up your library automatically and will allow you to listen to the audiobooks you are interested in.

How to Listen to Audiobooks on Amazon Alexa

How to Listen to Audiobooks on Amazon Alexa

Step #1: Launch Alexa app on your smartphone.

Step #2: Now tap on hamburger button (three horizontal lines) from the top left corner of screen.

Step #3: Next, you need to tap on Music, Video & Books.

Step #4: Tap Audible now.

Step #5: Finally, tap on the audiobook you want to listen to now.

That’s it! Now relax and enjoy your favourite audiobook, just like you use Amazon Music Unlimited with Amazon Echo devices.

During your interaction with Alexa, you need to be natural, without giving unnecessary stress on certain words. If Alexa fails to understand your commands, you will have to improve Amazon Echo interaction by voice training.

Amazon is all set to capture entire market of intelligent voice enabled speakers, and therefore, this e-commerce giant has launched four devices. And there is no count of features related to these Echo devices from Amazon. If you have got any of the Amazon Echo devices, you can explore:

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