Use Locate Driver to Auto-Send Your Location with Text While Driving

With the rising popularity of Pokemon Go, there has been a sudden surge in the road accidents – thanks to game’s features which require players to go out of their home in search of Pokemon. But before this game, danger of accident was looming large upon drivers, who are in the habit of sending mobile texts while they are at wheel.

Following the rise in mobile data usage, people expect each other to be available and accessible, even while they are driving vehicles. This menace has caused many mishaps on roads. But now to avert any critical situation during your driving trip, there is an app that can auto-send your location while you are driving.

Locate Driver is very helpful for drivers. By this app, they let others know their locations while they are driving long distances. However, drivers have to inform their trusted contacts about a Keyword beforehand. Let’s check how Locate Driver can be helpful to you.

Use Locate Driver to Auto-Send Your Location with Text While Driving

How to Auto-Send Your Location with Text While You Are Driving

Step #1: First off, download Locate Driver on your Android smartphone.

Download Locate Driver

Step #2: For Android Marshmallow or later versions, users need to give access of SMS logs and location data; tap ‘Allow’ on the two pop-ups you can see upon launching the app.

Give access of SMS logs and location data

Step #3: Now you need to set a keyword so that your contacts can get in touch with you with the help of this keyword.

Set a keyword

If you don’t want to share your location, you can just choose Pick destination field to share your destination and not your location.

Moreover, Locate Driver will send your location if the other person sends you text with an exact keyword. So enter a keyword in the field of SMS Keyword; share this keyword with the contacts you trust. You can keep spaces, punctuation, and other special characters in your keyword.

Next, Locate Driver will send four messages maximum when any of your contacts (with whom you have shared keyword) requests your location. This information includes: Acknowledgement that keyword was detected and send mobile data and GPS status; GPS information: Accuracy, Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Altitude; Google Maps link with your current location; and Information about current address and remaining distance to destination.

Step #4: Now it is quite easy for the app to send your location when somebody wants to know your location while you are driving. Of course, the other person has to enter exact keyword as you have shared. Once they send you that keyword, they will receive your location after 60 seconds. A Google Map link is clickable to check your location on map.

Send a Message Using Keyword and Get Location

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Point to Ponder

Locate Driver doesn’t consume much of your phone’s battery as this app is not running in the background at all times; it becomes active when somebody sends your keyword message. After receiving the keyword, Locate Driver will match the keyword and then send your location. This doesn’t give phone battery any extra burden. However, you should keep your power bank or car charger with you as it uses location services, which consume battery of your Android phone.

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  1. Thanks for the article. I’m the developer of the app. I made it for personal use because I travel weekly with the car and I needed this functionality. The app is also open source 🙂


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