What To Do if Lost USB Receiver for Wireless Keyboard?

Finding the lost USB for the wireless keyboard is tougher than finding the treasure from the heart of the deep ocean. It’s so strange that you can hardly find it anywhere in the house once it’s lost. So, what do you do then? Can you use the wireless keyboard without the USB receiver? Is there any way you can find another receiver that works with the keyboard?

Well, turns out that there’s not really much you can do once you have lost the USB receiver for your wireless keyboard. As the USB receiver comes paired with the keyboard right from the factory, it’s going to be a tough call to make it work if you don’t have the USB dongle connected to the PC.

However, we have some ideas that you can check out that may help you out to use the keyboard even if you have lost the USB receiver. Let’s find out!


Get a New Receiver

Get a New Receiver if Lost USB Receiver for Wireless Keyboard


Well, that sounds like an oversimplification, right? But the thing is, if you are using keyboards from Logitech, it looks like you are in luck. That means Logitech has a unique way to match the keyboard with some stand-alone USB dongles. So, if you’ve lost your keyboard’s USB receiver, all you need to do is just search Logitech’s website for a stand-alone receiver and get it.

You can use their software to set it up with your existing keyboard and be done with it. That means you can use the keyboard again. However, this doesn’t apply to all the wireless keyboards from Logitech. The models are few, and you got to be very lucky to have one.


Try Unifying USB Receiver

Try Unifying USB Receiver if Lost USB Receiver for Wireless Keyboard


Another way you can try is getting the unifying USB receiver made by Logitech. Here’s what you need to know about a unifying USB receiver. It’s a universal device that can be connected to multiple Logitech devices like keyboard, mouse, etc., at the same time. However, the devices that you have should be compatible with such a universal device.

An orange logo is imprinted on these devices that indicates that the devices are compatible with a universal USB receiver.

So, if you have a Logitech wireless keyboard with this particular logo on it, then you don’t have to worry at all. Get the unifying USB receiver and set it up with the Logitech unifying software. You can download the free unifying software from here. You need to meet these minimum requirements for installing the software, though.

Once you have installed the unifying software, you can set the devices synced, and you will be able to use the wireless keyboard again. The software is fairly easy to use, and you will be able to get it going within a few minutes.

Logitech software

The biggest giveaway in this system is that you won’t be able to use the keyboard with the old USB receiver once you find it again. So, yes, that one will go to the trash, eventually.


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What if I Don’t Have Logitech Keyboard?

Hmm, that’s a real question there. As far as we are concerned, no other brands have emerged with such a great solution similar to Logitech right now. So, it’s going to be a lot harder for you to get the keyboard to work again if you have lost the USB receiver.

However, you should check if the brand offers such an option, as well, on their website. With continuous upgrades and updates taking place in the tech world, it’s not far from reality that other brands will start following Logitech in no time.


How Not to Lose USB Receiver?

How Not to Lose USB Receiver


So, what to do if you don’t want to go through all these hassles? Well, the answer is simple, don’t lose the USB dongle, duh! Every wireless keyboard will have a chamber on it where you can keep the USB receiver once you are done using it.

While it’s almost everyone’s instinct that the dongle will be attached to the PC all the time, it’s better to plug it off and place it in the chamber after using it.

This way, you may be able to safeguard it from getting lost. Plus, you can always get keyboards that use Bluetooth connections so that you don’t need a dongle anyway.


Final Words

So, yes, once you lose the USB receiver of the wireless keyboard, you won’t be able to use it. However, if you are using certain models of Logitech wireless keyboards that support unifying USB receivers, you might be in luck as you can buy a new receiver and start working with it!

Good luck!


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