Being a small business owner, you obviously don’t have millions to spend on marketing and promotion strategy and that is why you should come up with low budget marketing strategies that can work wonders for you. There are many ways you can enhance lead generation from different mediums and all you need to do is to strategically use those mediums to improve results. When you are starting a new venture, it is important that you create right awareness about your business and products and services you offer. You need to find right mediums to convey your messages and information to the right audience and that is where these strategies can come into the picture.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some of these strategies that can help you out in creating lead generation and that too without spending the high budget on them.

5 Low Budget Lead Generation Strategies for Small Business Owners

#1. Enable live chat

Live chat support is an important medium that can help you to write your growth story. It is generally used by all the major e-commerce companies and you should definitely go for it.

A customer who visits your site comes for information about your products and services and when they are confused about the same, it is you who needs to give a helping hand to him. By introducing live chat option, you can clear out their queries and doubts and motivate them to place orders quickly too. When customers get their questions answered in no time, they will surely go to make purchase decisions quick and it will surely work in your favour. All you need to do is to introduce this feature and that is all.

Live Chat Stats

Furthermore, according to a research conducted by eDigital’s Customer Service Benchmark, more than 73% customers love to use live chat support compared to phones and emails. It is something that you need to keep in mind.

Why Live Chat

See the images shown above and you will see the feedback’s of the customers why they prefer live chat over others. 79% of customers believed that their queries were solved immediately with the support of live chat, while 51% of customers said that they can do multi-tasking while using live chat support system.

In conclusion, you just need to go with live chat support as consumers prefer it over other options. There are many companies offer high quality live chat software that you need to buy and install.

#2. Email marketing

Email marketing is something that you should implement to get some desired results for lead generation and you will assuredly get what you are looking for. According to a survey, email marketing is considered as one of the most effective marketing techniques and you should definitely go for it.

Digital Marketing Trends

You can see the bar chart describes that email marketing is more effective than other marketing strategies and all you need to do is to design such emails and send them in bulk to your target audience.

When you decide to go for email marketing, you need to ensure that you design your email in a manner that is simple, engaging, and clear communicative and with relevant information. Don’t try to stuff your email with text or images; rather, create a direct message.

#3. Online/Social Networking

In an era of digital marketing, how can you forget social media networks and their impacts on your business? In fact, it is one of the most cost effective mediums for lead generation and promotion of your business and will surely give you substantial benefits.

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are used by companies for digital promotions and you should definitely create your accounts in these networks.

However, you need to make sure that you manage your social media accounts perfectly and be communicative and engaged with your customers there. It is of utmost importance that you reply to queries of customers and other users there to create goodwill.

Social Media Importance for Small Business

See the chart above by Statista about the connection between social media and small business owners and you will see the results.

#4. Teach and Educate (Webinar, Seminars, Workshop)

Educate Customers

Have you ever tried to engage with your customers through webinars and digital seminars? Well, it is something that you should go for as there are many advantages associated with it and you will definitely be able to engage your customers more prominently. Generally, webinars are organised by companies to make their customers aware of recent product features introduction and other training modules, but it creates superior impact in the minds of customers and they find themselves special. If a new update is available on your business app, make an informative training video and upload it so that your customers can learn to use that specific feature. It is a very important thing to practice and you will surely see the desiring results.

#5. Create Instructional Videos

Create Instructional Videos

Last, but not the least, you can create videos that are instructional and informative. Instructional videos are one of the most important tools for any business and one should definitely go for the same. These videos can play a major role in the decision making process of customers while buying products or services. The beauty of instructional videos is that they are interactive and engaging and it is easy for your customers to understand the content of the video. People love to watch videos over reading texts and this works perfectly in creating such videos and all you need to do is to make a video more fascinating and revealing.

Either you are an e-commerce business owner or have a business of marketing, pets, electronics and others; it is a superior way to teach your customers about upcoming products and services.


Lead generation is very important when you are new in the business and by implementing these tools into practice, you will have good control on your brand awareness and recognition.

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