Even if you are a pro-user of Microsoft Excel, we bet you didn’t know these awesome features of this data management tool. Microsoft Excel is beyond pie chart and mathematical calculations.

Excel has many useful features like pivot table, index and match, and conditional formatting. This infographic can surprise you with many features unknown to users.

If you are an experienced Excel user, you may be using one or all features; but a trainee users would certainly welcome this infographic to impress his/her boss during the internship.

Don’t expect any spoon-feeding from this graphic as it doesn’t tell you exactly how you can apply each feature to your graphs.

Excel Tricks to Impress Boss Infographic


The infographic actually shows you how features like Waterfall Charts, Goal Seek, and Flash Fill work. Now go through this infographic carefully and try all the features during your project.

You can easily take on the challenging work environment, where you have to work on large quantities of data. Now is the time to excel at Excel!

Excel Tricks to Impress Boss
credit: microsofttraining.net


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