Most Essential iPhone Tips and Tricks- Become a Pro User!

Having an iPhone in your pocket at all times is just like having access to a magical device that does thousands of functions that can substitute many everyday tools. That’s not all. The iPhone also provides you with access to the world’s entire knowledge and if you know how to use it right, you will never have to ask anyone for help ever again. The problem is that since iPhones are equipped with so many features and functions, many people don’t know how to use them to their full potential without the proper iPhone tips and tricks.

Here is where we come in. Today we will show you the top five iPhone tips and tricks in 2022 to help you master the device. Stick around for the end because all the tips and tricks we will showcase today are essential! Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Top iPhone Tips and Tricks in 2022

Top iPhone Tips and Tricks

#1 Take a Slofie

Everyone who uses an iPhone knows that this device takes selfies better than any other smartphone. However, did you know that you can also take a slofie? Taking a solfie is called when you snap a selfie video in slow motion. Open the camera app – tap on Slow Mo- tap the switch icon to access the selfie camera – tap on the record button.

#2 Smart Stack Widget

Widgets are one of the coolest features that Apple introduced in the latest iOS release. While widgets might not be that impressive on their own, they can be quite powerful if you know how to use them right. Our advice is for all iPhone users to create a Smart Stack Widget that lets can be done by using the same technique that is used to create new folders. You can introduce shortcuts to all your favorite apps in the widgets.

#3 Create Custom Alerts for Different Contacts

Another cool function that most iPhone users don’t know exists is the ability to create custom alerts for different contacts. This is a super useful iPhone trick because it allows users to know who is calling or texting them before even looking at the screen. Access the contacts app – tap on the contact that you want to customize – tap on Edit and then tap on Ringtone/Text Tone – Choose a new ringtone or text tone alert.

#4 Record Videos in a Pinch

If you are required to capture a moment quickly such as when somebody is blowing into the birthday candles, you might want to learn how to record videos in a pinch. This method will help you be faster so that you never miss an important moment again. Open the camera app – Hold down the shutter button at the bottom to start recording – release your finger when you want the recording to stop.

#5 Remove App Size Limitations

All iPhones are limited from downloading large files to prevent the users from using up all their carrier data. While this feature is useful, it can also be quite annoying when trying to download large files such as a movie or TV show. Fortunately, you can disable all app size limitations. Head over to Settings – tap on iTunes and App Store – tap on App Download – toggle off the Limit.

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