On the eve of New Year, we spoke with some luminaries of Digital Marketing and asked them a single question: What is your New Year Resolution? And we received some insightful answers that tell us what they are planning to do in 2016. These resolutions are not just promises made by social media experts but a sneak peek into what could be the trends to watch for in New Year. Moreover, these answers pave the ways for young professionals to expect more challenges in the coming year.

New Year comes with more opportunities and challenges for online marketing and social media. Our aim to present this information is to prepare all for challenges and make the most of opportunities – as they say, ‘hope for the best and plan for the worst’.

If you are a close observer of digital India’s growth story, you will certainly get some insights from these resolutions. You can also share your feedback or resolution in the comment section.

2016 New Year Resolutions of Digital Marketing Experts from Ahmedabad

Amit Panchal
Amit is a digital marketing consultant, brand ambassador at Blogmint, blogger, Royal Rider and NaMo supporter. He is one of the leading social media influencers in India. Nearly 15000 people follow him on Twitter.

Amit Panchal New Year Resolution of 2016


Falguni Vasavda-Oza
She is Advertising Professor at MICA, eminent speaker, social media enthusiast, eternal optimist and mother figure to all her students. She loves life and loves keeping the child within ALIVE.

Falguni Vasavada New Year Resolution of 2016

Aditi Raval
Bubbly and cheerful, Aditi is a social media infotainer, Ex RJ, foodie, moody and filmy. She also dons the hat of creative advisor, film reviewer and brand developer.

RJ Aditi New Year Resolution of 2016

Pratik Dholakiya
Pratik is a co-founder of E2M Solutions and Moveo Apps. His areas of expertise include content marketing & entrepreneurship. He is columnist at MarketingLand and Entrepreneur.

Pratik Dholakiya New Year Resolution of 2016

Boni Satani
Boni is an inbound marketer at Panamax Inc, Redditor, blogger, co-founder of flickstime, and regular contributor at sejournal.

Boni Satani New Year Resolution of 2016

Priyal Parikh
Priyal is passionate about internet marketing. He is a professional, entrepreneur, and blogger. He loves to explore the world of SEO and SMO.

Priyal Parikh New Year Resolution of 2016

Nishant Desai
Nishant is a web development expert and successfully running his venture Kinsh Technologies. Apart from web development, Nishant is also interested in iPhone/Android app development and online marketing.

Nishant Desai New Year Resolution of 2016

Indabaa thanks to all experts, who share their New Year Resolutions. May they fulfill all their resolutions in 2016!


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