‘OK Google’ is the phrase people use to activate Google Now voice search on smartphones and other Android enabled devices like Google Glass smartglasses. Just like Siri on iOS devices, Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google.

In a day, people use this phrase ‘OK Google’ countless times, and users are now more dependent on this voice search facilities as they have become more mobile than ever. In this scenario, if OK Google fails to work or respond, users have to take a few emergency measures to solve the issue.

It is only human to give commands to somebody; but Google Now is not ‘somebody’. It is a marvellous design of artificial intelligence that helps users during their interaction with the digital communication devices.

Whatever the psychology is there, you need to fix ‘OK Google’ not responding to voice commands on android.

How to Fix OK Google Not Responding Properly to Voice Commands

Check the Language

Since you are giving voice commands to Google Now, you need to check the language option in your smartphone. Google Now is currently compatible with US English only. Many users have set up US English as their default language, but you need to check this in the Language section in your smartphone’s Settings menu and change it as necessary.

If required, you should also go for updating language pack.

Launch Voice → Search Language Settings → Offline Speech Recognition → English (US) → Update Available.

Check the Microphone

Once the Language issue is solved, next comes microphone. It is a tool that conveys your commands and therefore it has to be working smoothly. Upon opening the Google app, you can see the microphone icon on the right side of search bar. It should be in bold and well developed lines and not the dotted ones. If it is in dots, you need to fix microphone issue.

During a day, microphone hole gathers a lot of dirt and dust; take a safety pin or similar pointed item to clean the filth. Now the microphone should be running smoothly. If this fails to give any result, take a look into microphone settings in Google app.

Many times, microphone is interrupted by background running apps that make noises. Turn off such apps and you may experience smoother microphone performance.

Disable S Voice

If you are using Samsung S6 or S6 Edge, S Voice app may interrupt the OK Google. There is no particular reason behind this interference of S Voice app, but somehow the two features do not get along well with each other. Experts suggest that you should either disable S Voice or simply delete the app. This will give OK Google clean passage to take off.

Reboot the Device

One of the easiest solutions for any issue is to reboot the device. This OK Google issue can be fixed with a simple restart of your smartphone. Go for it, fingers crossed!

Retrain OK Google

Even a man fails to remember the commands given to him. This is a machine and it is likely to forget what you have fed. In this situation, you need to retrain your OK Google.

To retrain OK Google, open Google Settings app → Locate Search & Now → Voice → OK Google Detection.

Next, tap on Retrain Voice Model and say ‘OK Google’ three times. This might fix the issue of OK Google not working.

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