OnePlus 3 Owner charged Rs 48000 to fix Rs 28,000 phone

Yes, obviously. Mr Ambani can easily buy this all new OnePlus 5 or he can gift many devices to his staff in Antilia. But he will never do this. After reading this episode, Mr Ambani will never think of buying any OnePlus mobile, forget this latest OnePlus 5.

According to a true story shared by Aklank Jain, owner of OnePlus 3 mobile, the phone brand asks him to pay exorbitant repairing cost Rs 48000/- for a smartphone purchased at Rs 28000/-. Shocking, isn’t it? But this has happened with the poor customer from Bangalore, India.

By some freak of fate, Aklank’s OnePlus 3 got water damaged when he was having his brunch with his office colleague. Since Aklank has accidental warranty, he gave his mobile for servicing through Servify app. And then this farce begins.

After shooting multiple mails to Servify, Jain got a reply that he was eligible to get only Rs 6000/- as reimbursement. But when he looked at the estimated repairing cost, he was flabbergasted as the total amount was staggering Rs. 48030/-. It is beyond anyone’s good sense that Rs 28000/- phone can be repaired at hefty Rs 48000/-.

What OnePlus says: “Hi there! We’d like to share the summary of the case which you have recently posted on your Social Media Channel. The accessories and spare parts will have taxes and import duties imposed on them individually so the repair cost will be higher. However, as an exception, we have contacted the customer and asked him to pay 50% of the repair cost excluding the reimbursement of Rs 6000 which is being given by the Servify team to replace the product. The customer is not agreeing to our terms but we are still in touch with the customer and if he shares any positive response then definitely we are looking forward to getting this fixed. We appreciate your support in this matter.”

Even after offering 50% deduction in repairing cost, the customer has still to pay Rs 24000/-, which is not acceptable to him. OnePlus urgently needs to sort out this issue otherwise it is going to have detrimental impact on the sale of its soon-to-be-launched OnePlus 5.

Now you tell me: Will Mr Ambani buy this phone that incurs such a huge servicing charge? Certainly not! Any person who has got an ounce of financial intelligence would discard the idea of buying OnePlus.

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