Piyush Pandey is a brain behind many successful advertising campaigns crafted for national and international brands in India. There is hardly any advertising professional, who has never heard of the genius of Piyush Pandey. Recently, Piyush Pandey has written a book: PANDEYMONIUM.

In his book, Pandey narrates his experiences from his childhood, his passion for cricket, his personal Google (family members, friends and relatives), his friendship with Arun Lal, Mr Ranjan, Mr Rane and his association with Ogilvy & Mather. In this article, we have listed the best quotes written or rather lived by Piyush Pandey. We are sure that people from advertising business would love to read these excerpts.

PANDEYMONIUM: Piyush Pandey on Advertising and Branding

[bctt tweet=”We need to build a community of friends or people around us who possess different talents.”]

[bctt tweet=”Only a truly satisfied customer would come back repeatedly.”]

[bctt tweet=”You think email liberates your mind. I think the Indian Postal Service liberated a nation!”]

[bctt tweet=”Don’t let the child in you die. He or she is the genius. You are not.”]

[bctt tweet=”Don’t be scared of systems and processes. There are ways to fool them. I found at least a hundred. You will find more.”]

[bctt tweet=”Winning an award is not a destination; it is just another milestone in a long journey.”]

[bctt tweet=”Do not chase awards; chase good work.”]

[bctt tweet=”Don’t worry about accusations or suspicions. Put your hand on your heart and you will get the answer.”]

[bctt tweet=”I treat every day as a session at the nets.”]

1) Whatever you say, say it with respect for the audience, say it in a context that the audience can understand, say it spontaneously, say it without fear, say it not to intimidate or frighten, but to delight.

2) One doesn’t have to know how to wear a sanitary napkin to sell one.

3) I hate researches where regular human beings are asked stupid questions. Obviously, you will get stupid reply.

4) The music in an ad film should not intrude or intimidate. It must live the script and entertain, involve and engage the viewer.

5) When you work with a celebrity, the viewer must find the celebrity, the script and the idea memorable, not just celebrity.

6) The more insecure you are about your idea, the less you will share it and the less the possibility for a good idea to become great.

7) The biggest rule of our business is that great clients get great work, good clients get good work and not-so-good clients get bad work.

8) I have always believed that no category is a boring category; you have to stare hard at the product and the brand, and discover how exciting you can make it.

9) Old mindsets believe that professional companies are better than the so-called family companies.

10) Multicultural is a statement of humility. It says that the company is not the king, the consumer is the king.

11) If I am not scoring run like my partners are, then I shouldn’t be in the team.

12) My mother used to say, ‘Mujhe ghoomne ka bahut shauk hai’ (I like to travel) and I would say, ‘Mujhe ghummane ka bahut shauk hai’ (I like to make people travel).

13) Play where you can make a difference. Not just to yourself, but also to a large number of your community, your country.

14) However difficult it may be, if you are convinced you are right, then you should stand up for your beliefs.

15) Big ideas come from the belief that you can fly; big ideas cannot come when you are shackled by research, when you are shackled by conventional belief, when you are shackled by the success of the past.

16) We make the mistake of defining the people we meet as sharply as possible. Black or white. But look for the grey.

17) If you have decided to play the game, then you play within the rules of the game. Yes, you circumvent some rules from time to time – otherwise you would be a bureaucrat – but you have to have an agreed plan which is the basis of all that you do.

18) A lot of knowledge comes naturally to you. And then what you bring to the party is your own wisdom, your own ambition, your own aspiration, your own dream, your own experiences, your own judgment.

19) Why aren’t more women heading advertising agencies? It’s a failing on our part (and that includes me).

20) Successful national companies ensure that there is knowledge and resource pool that defines the culture, ensuring high level of output from any location. In addition, there is a locally knowledgeable team that understands local nuances and client expectations.

21) Simple communication reaches and touches many more people.

22) Advertising needs to excite young people with different abilities and talents to be part of the industry, and it needs those over forty to be shaken up, because the business and the needs of the business are changing.

23) In the new media world, duration is history.

24) If the content is interesting, entertaining and thought-provoking, consumers, in a way, become distribution arm that amplifies the content by sharing it.

25) Ideas will always prevail in this business, and that’s what we need to remember. Whatever communication is created and for whatever medium it is created, at the core will be an idea.

We have randomly picked up quotes from the book. PANDEYMONIUM has more to explore for every reader. For more insights, knowledge and information on Advertising, Branding & Customer Satisfaction, read the entire book.

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