Till date you have been using Facebook Messenger to exchange funny jokes, chats, some beautiful content etc. But if you get to know that you can play chess on the app, how would you react? Obviously, you will be surprised or maybe shocked and probably reject the claim.

Hold your breath guys! It’s a fact, you can actually play the game of chess with a hidden feature in Facebook Messenger. If you are fed up with Google’s Play Store or Apple’s AppStore, you can shift your ‘move’ to this messenger app. One of the major benefits of playing chess on FB Messenger app is that you know who your opponent is.

Let’s get started!

How to Play Chess in Facebook Messenger

How to Play Chess on Facebook Messenger App on Android and iOS

Step #1: Launch Facebook Messenger on your smartphone.

Launch Facebook Messenger

Step #2: Start a conversation with one of your friends.

Step #3: Type in @fbchess play and send the message.

@fbchess play to play chess in Facebook Messenger

(This will activate the hidden chess game in Facebook Messenger)

After this, you can see a small chess board on the screen of your smartphone; the app will randomly select either you or your friend for the first move.

To play the game, type @fbchess and then the letter that relates to the piece you want to move. For example, if you want to move bishop, use B, R for rook, use Q for queen. The letter should be followed by tile that you want to move the piece to. For example, type in @fbchess Rc4.

Enjoy the game until one of you win the game; if you are stuck in a deadlock, you can type in @fbchess draw claim to claim a draw; @fbchess draw offer to offer a draw and @fbchess resign to resign from the game. If you need any support from the app, type in @fbchess help to view a complete list of commands.

Enjoy this hidden feature on your Facebook Messenger. And yes, this is free!


  1. Wow… I love chess so much I never knew I could play chess with my friend on Facebook messenger app… Nice one …Thanks for the info


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