Music is something you need to keep with you all the time. For music aficionados, they want to listen to music everywhere – whether they are at gym, at office, going to office etc. But the million-dollar question is that you cannot keep your iPhone with you while you are at gym. So how to take your favourite albums and songs to gym? Well, your Apple Watch Series 3 can help you. here is how to play music on Apple Watch Series 3 cellular running watchOS 4.

Apple Watch Series 3 with watchOS 4 doesn’t have ability to browse iPhone’s music library on your smart watch. If you want to browse your Apple Music, you have to rely on iCloud music library including Apple Music songs, iTunes Store purchases and songs you have synced with the cloud using iTunes Match.

If you have got Apple Watch Series 3 LTE model running watchOS 4, you can stream music over Cellular without giving extra burden on watch battery. Follow the steps and enjoy your listening favourite music directly on the latest Apple Watch.

How to Play Music on Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular in watchOS 4

Step #1: Open your Apple Music app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Create a dedicated playlist for your Apple Watch. You can add your favourite songs in this playlist as you will be listening to these songs everywhere.

In watchOS 3, Apple provides you storage capacity of 2GB or 250 songs; but in watchOS 4, this option has gone. Moreover, Apple has not thrown light on how much space is there for music syncing in Apple Watch Series 3. Thankfully, Apple Watch Series 3 LTE model offers 16GB storage capacity, hence, you should not be worried about space issue.

Step #3: On the Watch app in iPhone, scroll down and tap on Music.

You will find an option of Heavy Rotation, which automatically loads music that you listen to often.

Step #4: Tap on Add Music option.

Step #5: Tap on Playlists and then select Apple Watch playlist you have created earlier.

Wait! This is not the end here. Your Apple Watch will flash a message on the small screen that reads: Apple Watch is not connected to power. Music is updated when your Apple Watch is connected to power.

Here, you are required to connect your Apple watch with its charger to load the music on your smartwatch.

When the music is loaded to your Apple Watch, you can keep your iPhone at home and take your watch along to enjoy music without LTE connectivity.

That’s it!

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Keep your Apple Watch charged fully and listen to your choice of music without keeping your iPhone with you always.

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