Apple has not yet rolled out any official app to play podcasts or audiobooks on your Apple Watch, but this should not stop you from playing these contents on your smartwatch. IF there is a will, there is always a way. This tutorial deals with three major aspects: change of file type of podcast or audiobook; compile audiobooks or podcasts into a single playlist; and add playlist to Apple Watch. So here is our complete guide on how to play podcasts or audiobooks on Apple Watch 1, Series 2 and Series 3.

Note that the method given here doesn’t work for audible contents simply because it is DRM-protected and hence, content won’t play appropriately inside Apple Watch Music app.

How to Add Podcasts or Audiobooks to Apple Watch 1, Series 2 and Series 3.

Change File Type of Podcast or Audiobook

Step #1: Launch iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

Step #2: Search the podcast or audiobook file you want to add to your Apple Watch.

Select Podcast or AudioBooks

Step #3: Select the podcast or audiobook once by clicking.

Step #4: Now you need to hit Command-I on your keyboard or you can also right click on selected podcast or audiobook and then click on Get Info; this will show you information of track.

Step #5: Next, click on Options.

click on Options

Step #6: Here, you are supposed to change media kind field from Podcast (or Audiobook) to Music.

change media kind field from Podcast to music

Step #7: Finally, click OK.

Click on OK

These newly created music tracks may take time to upload to iCloud Music Library.

Compile Podcasts or Audiobooks into a Single Playlist

You can create a smart playlist or a manual playlist based on which podcast or audiobook you are dealing with.

Step #1: Launch iTunes and choose File menu; then select either New Playlist or New Smart Playlist (you can also do this from keyboard by hitting Command-N or Command-Option-N).

Click on File and Choose Smart Playlist

Step #2: If you want to create a smart playlist, change the rule to Genre contains Podcast.

change the rule to Genre contains Podcast

Step #3: If you are creating a regular Playlist, simply drag the Podcast or Audiobook files you have converted from Library to the playlist window.

Step #4: Now click on OK.

Add Playlist to Your Apple Watch

Step #1: Launch Watch app on your paired iPhone.

Tap on Watch App

Step #2: Now tap on My Watch tab.

Step #3: Next, tap on Music option.

Tap on Music

Step #4: Then, you need to tap on Add Music…button from the bottom of phone screen.

Tap on Add Music

Step #5: Finally, tap on the Playlist you have created.

Tap on the Playlist you have created

Hurray! Once your playlist is uploaded on your Apple Watch, you can play those files locally by going into Music App on Apple Watch

Note that you have to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to audiobooks or podcasts from Apple Watch.

I am sure that you would love to play podcasts or audiobooks on your Apple Watch, which stays close to you all the time. Just take care of the battery life on your smart watch.

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