Playing Pokemon Go without moving out of home is a great fun for couch potatoes, who probably want to relish French fries during the gameplay. It is mandatory for players to go out to play this game; this fact is realized when you download and install Pokemon Go on your Android or iOS devices. But there are some ways you can follow to play Pokemon Go without walking out of the home.

The tricks mentioned here are for people who want to play Pokemon Go at home; they don’t want to leave their sofa or chair, they want to sit idle while the game is on. This method, however, will not enable you to track and find nearby Pokemon. But users, who want to stay at home, are ok without finding a Pokemon on the go.

How to Play Pokémon Go Without Moving Out of Home

Five Ways to Play Pokemon Go without Moving and Going Outside on iPhone and Android

#1. Keep Pokemon Go up and running

Launch Pokemon Go on your mobile and scroll through Twitter timeline elsewhere. You will have better chances of stumbling across Pokemon if you keep the game up and running. If you are in search of a rare Pokemon, you won’t get success this way.

You will have incense in the items you are provided when you first start playing Pokemon Go. Incense attracts nearby Pokemon to your current location; this saves your attempts to walk to them. Isn’t this add to your laziness?

#2. Activate an incense pot

Step #1: Tap on the Pokeball at the bottom of the phone screen.

Step #2: Tap on Items.

Step #3: Tap on Incense.

Step #4: This will invoke incense pot on your main screen. Tap it on once more to activate the luring effect for 30 minutes.

REMEMBER: The timer will continue to count down even if you shut down the app.

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#3. Use a Lure Module at a PokéStop

Lure Module is stronger than incense. Users use this module by moving to PokeStop and activate them at that location. Lure Modules give advantages to all Trainers, while incense gives advantages only to you. At a PokeStop you can spread love among Trainers.

To use Lure Module, you need to pump in some efforts like you need to explore a way to get to the PokeStop. With your love of laziness, you will succeed!

How you can use Lure Module

Step #1: Tap on a PokeStop on the map.

Step #2: If there isn’t any active Lure Model, tap the rectangle at the top of your mobile screen that shows Empty Module slot (active Lure Module will reflect pink petals floating around the PokeStop).

Step #3: Tap to add a Lure Module from inventory.

#4. Never Drive and Play Pokemon Go

This is dangerous. This game is so addictive that you are most likely to collide with something or dash into a car ahead. A better option is to ask somebody to take you out to shoot PokeBalls at every turn.

#5. Install Pokémon Go to your most-used device

Which device do you keep with you always? Just download and install Pokemon Go on that device. Even while you are enjoying your vacation, you may be asked to go outside to buy some grocery or you may have to see your doctor or to have dinner with friends. At this time, you can easily go out with that device (this means, you should not install Pokemon Go on your big iPad).

The last idea is an odd one out but you need some physical activity during a day, and this can give you a good excuse to catch Pokemon.

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