Streaming any music service to your HomePod is a tuneful experience as you can spice up your music listening. Though you are incapable of controlling playback using HomePad, you can play any audio from iPhone or iPad on HomePod using AirPlay Peer-to-Peer feature. Surprisingly, you can even stream Amazon Prime Music on HomePod (apart from SoundCloud, Pandora, and Spotify music library songs). Check this quick guide on how to play SoundCloud, Pandora, and Spotify playlist on HomePod.

Unlike any other Bluetooth speakers, your HomePod is rather an AirPlay speaker. This fact kills any chance of connecting your Android device to HomePod; at the same time, you cannot connect any audio device to your HomePod using Bluetooth. But you can always stream your audio stored on your iPhone or iPad via AirPlay; this means, you can play music from any third-party music service (aside from Apple Music) on HomePod.

How to Play Amazon Prime Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify Playlist on HomePod

How to Play Amazon Prime Music, Pandora, SoundCloud and Spotify Playlist on HomePod

Step #1: Swipe Up from the bottom to bring up Control Center (If you are using iPhone X then you need to swipe down from the upper right corner).

Step #2: From Now playing control panel screen, tap on Audio options icon located in the upper right corner.

Step #3: Tap on your Apple HomePod.

Step #4: Now, whichever music app is playing on your iPhone will automatically start playing on your HomePod.

How to Stop Playing SoundCloud, Pandora and Spotify Playlist on Your HomePod

Step #1: First of all, you need to access control center on your iOS device. To do so, swipe Up from the bottom of the iPhone and iPad screen. (iPhone X users, can swipe down from the upper right corner)

Step #2: Now, tap on Audio options.

Step #3: Next, tap on your HomePod to stop streaming music.

Is Siri capable of controlling playback on third-party music service streaming on HomePod?

No, you can just play or stream music from any music service on HomePod. Siri is compatible only with iTunes Match and Apple Music. You have to initiate the process from your iOS device and control the playback (skipping songs, adjusting volume) from your iPhone/iPad or control panel available on the top of your HomePod.

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