No music lover in this world would like to compromise his/her favorite music tracks, no matter which device is being used for listening music. If you have recently bought Google home for yourself and want to play Spotify music on Google Home for which you have created a playlist , then we can help you out. Follow a very simple method to link and play Spotify Music Playlist on Google Home and Google Home Mini. Later, you can unlink also if you want.

This tutorial deals with the method to connect Spotify account to Google Home. Moreover, you can make Spotify your default music app. While Google Play Music is the default music application of Google Home, other music apps like Spotify are also supported by it. Well, it doesn’t mean that the playlist that you have created on Google Play Music will become inaccessible. All you need to say is “Play Adele on Google Play Music” to Google Home and it will play the song in no time.

So, let’s get started and understand the procedure for using Spotify with Google Home.

How to Play Spotify Music Playlist on Google Home

How to Link and Play Spotify Music Playlist on Google Home and Google Home Mini

How to Link and Use Spotify to Google Home

When a user setup Google Home, it always prompts the user to select a music provider. In case, at that time you chose Spotify as your default music app, then you are good to go. However, if you did not, then Google Home selected the default music app for you i.e., Google Play Music.

If you did the latter, then follow the below mentioned steps to change the default music app on your Google Home to Spotify:

Step #1. Launch Google Home App on your phone.

Step #2. Now, tap on humber icon to open up menu.

Step #3. Select the Music option.

Step #4. From the list of the music apps, select Spotify.

Step #5. A pop-up ‘Link your Spotify Account’ will open in front of you. Select the Link Account option

Step #6. To open your Spotify account, click the Login to Spotify option.

Step #7. If you usually log in with Facebook, select the Log in with a Facebook option. Otherwise, enter your email address and then the password for your Spotify account and then click Log In.

Step #8. To confirm the linking of your Google Home account to Spotify account, click Okay option.

From now on, you can easily tell Google Home to play your Spotify list without even saying Spotify. All you will need to say is “Ok Google, play my romantic list” and Google Home will automatically search your Spotify library and will start playing that playlist.

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In future if you feel like removing Spotify account from Google Home, you can easily unlink it from your profile with the help of the below-mentioned procedure:

Step #1. Open Google Home on your device.

Step #2. Tap on three horizontal lines

Step #3. Select the Music option.

Step #4. Tap on Unlink to disconnect Spotify from Google home.

Step #5. Now, tap on Unlink Account.

How to Make Spotify Your Default Music App

If you don’t want Google Play Music to be your default music app and even refrain from saying “Play X on Spotify” every time you want a song from Spotify playlist to be played, you can make Spotify your default music app in Google Home.

For doing this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step #1. Start Google Home App on your phone.

Step #2. Tap on Menu button.

Step #3. Select the circle next to Spotify.

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