Poke Live: An Android App to Find Pokemon on the Go

Lo and behold! Now there is an Android app that can help you find Pokemon on the go. As if Pokemon Go accessories and local marketing ideas mushroomed around this app were not enough, JV Studios brings Poke Live, an app to find Pokemon while you are on the roaming spree. The app can be downloaded on Android devices.

This augmented reality game gets you going places in search of imaginary Pokemon, and therefore, most common third-party products around this app are based on maps that help you spot different Pokemon in vicinity.

Once you download the Poke Live, you can immediately start using this app. Don’t forget to open Location services on your Android device. Now open the app and it will quickly show you your location on the phone. Of course, you won’t be happy to see those ads on the top of your phone’s screen.

Poke Live An Android App to Find Pokemon on the Go

This app has got a simple interface; check the two options at the bottom: 0 Pokemon found and SEARCH. Tap on SEARCH button and you will find all the Pokemon in surrounding areas. If there are any Pokemon in your area, its number will be displayed; for example, I could find only 11 Pokemon. Tap on the number of Pokemon found and you can check details like which kind of Pokemon are there in your proximity. I have found 4 Sandshrew, 3 Ekans, 2 Rhyhorn and, a Doduo and a Machop.

One of the best features that every user would appreciate is that the app doesn’t require log in; hence, you can directly use it to find nearby Pokemon.

However, there is a downside in this app as you cannot find any Pokemon outside your current location. This will restrict your hunt of location in the area you are planning to visit tomorrow or maybe in the evening. This limitation, though, doesn’t stop any passionate Pokemon Go player from roaming around in his own location.

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