Since its launch in the first week of July, 2016, Pokemon Go has created much hullabaloo in many countries. The game is a breakout hit giving Nintendo shares record lift.

The game is launched almost everywhere, but still if you are unable to download, you can check how to download and install Pokemon Go on their Android and iOS smartphones

With its ever rising popularity, Pokemon Go also has a flip side. The game consumes a lot of battery of your smartphones. This has necessitated users to frequently charge their mobiles as they can’t get enough of this excellent game.

Pokemon Go users GPS technology to find your location in the real world. The game has got a huge database of locations and also has points of interest in cities and town where players can meet and go ahead in the game; these are called PokeStops and Gyms. Since the game uses GPS, it burns your phone battery in a big way. Therefore, we have listed helpful Pokemon Go accessories that will keep you online for long.

Best Pokemon Go Accessories

#1. Vinsic Power Bank

Vinsic Best Power Bank Charger for iPhone and iPad

While on the road, if your smartphone runs out of battery, you can charge up the phone with this Vinsic Power bank. Its 20000mAh capacity can charge up your iPhone 10 times. If you have downloaded the game on two smartphones, you can charge both of them with its dual USB ports. Apart from iPhone, you can also charge Android smartphones like Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Price: $39.99
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#2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Wireless Battery Pack

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Battery Case

A battery case comes handy while you are roaming around in search of PokeStops or Gyms using GPS on your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. You can use this wireless battery pack to keep your mobile charged. This 3100mAh capacity battery case is for long use and multiple charges. Get the perfect charging for your Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 with blue and white LEDs, which show battery status on the battery case. Check battery status or activate wireless charging with its power key.

Price: $56.97
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#3. Spigen Wireless Charger

Spigen Best Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Wireless Chargers

If you are playing Pokemon Go sitting at home or office (when you boss is not around ☺ ), you can put your smartphone on Spigen wireless charger. Place your smartphone horizontally or vertically; moreover, you can talk to others while the phone is being charged. Enjoy watching movies and read eBooks on your smartphone. This Spigen wireless charger’s charging pad has 3 coils for free positioning technology. Check LED indicators to keep an eye on wireless charging pad.

Price: $25.99
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#4. Anoke Docking Station

Anoke Best Docking Stations for Galaxy S7S7 Edge

Anoke brings a charging dock cradle that is best for your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. Aside from charging your smartphone, Anoke docking station syncs data and also plays a role of phone holder. This docking station offers your smartphone extra stability when you put it on charge. With the help of phone holder, you can enjoy watching movies without holding the phone in your hands. You can charge your phone with or without its protective case.

Price: $11.38
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#5. AmazonBasics Car Charger

AmazonBasics Best Car Chargers for iPhone

A passionate gamer would never put his phone aside even during travelling. Hence, a car charger can be a great help for such Pokemon Go aficionados. But don’t dare to play this game while you are at the wheel. AmazonBasics brings a 4.0amp dual USB car charger for your smartphone. Charge more than one devices with its two 2.0 amp USB ports. Its 20 watt power can charge your phone at full speed.

Price: $7.99
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#6. Supcase Smartphone Case

Supcase Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

Your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge is completely safe if you are playing Pokemon Go at home or office; but if you are outdoors (searching for a partner in real world), you need to protect your smartphone with a protective case. This Supcase is arguably the most affordable Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case. Its slim build puts it above the pack. Appreciate its form fitting, minimalist design and elegant finish that give extra value to the case. Makers of Supcase have used high grade TPU and PC materials to make it shock-absorbing. The raised bezel protects the screen of your phone.

Price: $13.99
Buy it from

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#7. POKEWARES Shield for Pokemon GO Plus

POKEWARES Shield for Pokemon GO Plus

Protect your Pokemon Go Plus while you are out on adventure trip with this PokeWears shield. This accessory will certainly create your unique identity and display your team colours. It is perfectly designed to match with your Pokemon Go Plus accessory. With its 3M technology, you can easily apply and remove it. The PokeWears is of hand-crafted genuine wood in the USA.

Price: $14.95
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#8. MOSCHE Bluetooth Headset

MOSCHE Bluetooth Headset for iPhone

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of Pokemon Go is audio/visual effect it creates. While you are watching visuals on the smart device, you are hardly aware of the audio which is equally pleasant and tuneful. But listening to this audio without headset is not the right way. With so much background noise (this game will drag you out of your home, remember), you can barely enjoy the audio. Hence, a Bluetooth headset for your iPhone would be a nicer option for you. MOSCHE brings excellent Bluetooth retractable ear buds, which can be controlled easily without creating any mess or tangle. These ear buds keep your hands free as you enjoy the game. You can easily fold it to carry in your pockets or backpack. Its vibration-for-incoming-call feature and battery power remind will greatly help you while you are playing the game.

Price: $29.99
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#9. Urban Owl Posh Crystal Clear Sunglasses

Urban Owl Posh Crystal Clear Sunglasses

This can be a bit out-of-the-pack thing for Pokemon Go players as the sunglasses from Urban Owl have no connection with digital world. But the product makes sense here as it can protect your eyes from stress causing from constant staring at your smartphones, which send out blue light. After putting these crystal clear sunglasses on your eyes, you can experience HD vision, which gives you enhanced perceived contrast and visual clarity, without any color distortion. It goes without saying that when you go out in search of Pokemon Go, you need increase the brightness of your smartphone. This can create a little strain on your eyes; at this, blue light control filter of the sunglasses neutralizes blue light by 94%, preventing eye strain and fatigue.

Price: €95
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#10. CG Costume Pokemon Go Key Chain PokeBall Key Ring Alloy

CG Costume Pokemon Go Key Chain PokeBall Key Ring Alloy

For a passionate Pokemon Go player, this Key Chain PokeBall key ring from CG Costume won’t be a surprise. If you are using your car or motorbike in search of Pokemon, buy this key chain to hold keys together; you can keep your vehicle’s key and other keys together in the alloy ring. Check that PokeBall chained with the alloy ring; Pendant Size: Diameter :0.98″/25mm.

Price: $5.63
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#11. SFVAN Pokemon Pokeball Round Shift Knob

SFVAN Pokemon Pokeball Round Shift Knob

Obsessed with Pokemon Go? You must check this PokeBall round shift knob for your car. Replace your car’s gear shift knob with this SFVAN Pokemon PokeBall round shift knob and never stay away from your favourite game’s accessories while you are driving long distances. This product is made from premium quality resilient resin; black, white and red colors combine to create an excellent look of gear shift in your car. It is specially made for vehicles with screw type shift knob.

Price: $18.99
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#12. Apex

Apex iPhone Pokemon GO Case

Now your iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus are protected by Pokemon Go collection high quality TPU soft case/cover. This is a mobiflare slim clip-on iPhone case that can prevent damage from light drops and scratches on your smartphone. If you are a minimalist, you will certainly like this case that keeps a slim form factor, unparalleled design and extra protection for your iPhone 6/6s Plus. Its slim back cover effortlessly fits in your pocket; it is precisely designed and therefore, you can access all buttons, ports and controls on your iPhone. Experience a touch of personalization!

Price: $12.99
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#13. LeRage T-Shirts for Men/Women

LeRage T-Shirts for Men/Women

Going out to catch Pokemon? Wear this T-shirt with a cool message to steer clear of your friends. The message reads: I’m Just Here For The Pokemon Go Leave Me Alone. Cool, isn’t it? This short-sleeve t-shirt is made in USA; the message is printed by using professional screen printing colors, which will not fade even after washing it multiple times. Since it is made of soft cotton/polyester blend, it gives a smooth feeling essential during your Pokemon hunting.

Price: $19.95
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#14. Pokemon Go PokeBall Aimer for iPhone 6/6s

Pokemon Go PokeBall Aimer for iPhone 66s

This is something new to Pokemon Go players. The PokeBall aimer is specially made for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Featuring a reversible design, you can easily access items and camera and perform straight shot or make ‘curve ball shot’ for superior capture rate. If you wish to step up the score ladder really fast, grab this Perfect Aim iPhone 6 and 6s case and get more HP with each throw. You can earn extra XP while you are hunting for Pokemon on foot or on your bike; this Aimer will enabled you to throw straight PokeBalls. You can use small distance indicators to judge how hard you need to throw for different Pokemon.

Price: $8.39
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#15. Pokémon Clip ‘N’ Carry Poké Ball Belt

Pokémon Clip 'N' Carry Poké Ball Belt

This Clip ‘N’ Carry PokeBall belt is an adjustable belt on which you can keep two PokeBalls, two 2-inch figures and two attack tags. With this belt you may receive Fletchlinder and Repeat Ball with Klefki and Premier Ball OR Amura and Ultra Ball with Hawlucha and Great Ball OR Sableye and Ultra Ball with Pikachu and Poké Ball OR Pikachu and Poké ball with Hoopa and Quick Ball. You can also adjust six PokeBalls at once.

Price: $39.99
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Pokemon Go is quite addictive. Once you start playing this game, you will lose yourself into the world of Pokemon. While playing, please be careful of following traffic rules and don’t bump into a lamp post. You can share your experience with us on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter, if you get some time to type in something!


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