Perhaps this could be a premature statement for this game-changing game. Pokemon Go has undoubtedly broken all records of downloads and sales in the history of augmented reality game. People are actually making a beeline for PokeStop while playing this addictive game. To reap benefits of this hype, every business owner is flexing his muscles.

Unlike other games, which inspire gamers to be couch potatoes, Pokemon Go encourages them to shake their legs and go out to PokeStops or Gyms, where they can catch Pokemon. But this fact doesn’t answer the question I have raised in the title of this post.

What is the hidden motive for this offline interaction between players and Pokemon and virtual goods related to it? This calls for a big debate, where experts can explain everything. Local marketing can be an added advantage of Pokemon Go hype or there can be a well-planned strategy of game developers. In any case, only experts can answer this question. What we can do is to mull over a few opportunities for local marketers to take advantage of Pokemon Go craze among young as well as senior citizens.

What makes Pokemon Go users go places?

A Pokemon Go player has to catch lots of Pokemon, and better Pokemon. To do this, players have to come out of the comforts of their homes and walk or travel to distant locations of towns and cities. This obviously increases the traffic in locality. Second thing is that Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game, which requires players to find some hot spots like PokeStops and Gyms, where they can find some free items and fight other players.

This game also inspires people to socialize; unlike other games that show only the photos or avatars of fellow players or opponents, Pokemon Go gives users a chance to meet the other players in person. All this, consequently, increases footfall at some place, where local marketers find opportunities to sell some goods.

Local Marketing Opportunities Thrown by Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has got a huge fan-following; people physically visit PokeStop to get more Pokemon and other stuff. While they are at your doorstep, you should grab this opportunity to offer something else. Remember, there are many who like to play Pokemon Go without moving out of home. These guys are not your target audience!

Lures to Players

Players use Lures in game to lure Pokemon to a certain area; little do they know that these lures actually take them to some locations in the real world. With increasing foot traffic at your location, you can offer multiple items to Pokemon Go players. If you have got the strategic location like Poke-Stop or Gym, you can mint money by offering food stuff and beverages to players, who must have walked up to your store.

The New York Post quoted Sean Benedetti, manager at L’inizio’s pizza as saying that, “We had people come down, sit down and get a couple beers and play the Pokémon game”. Benedetti also added that the business went up 75% after paying $10 to continue to put up Lures connected to the store.

Special Offers to Team

Players boast about their team. As different people come together and form a strong team, it is actually an advantage to a retailer. As a store owner, you can give special offers or discounts to different teams on certain weekdays or during weekends.

What is happening in your area?

Players are always interested to know what is happening in localities other than their own. You can use social media to publish what’s the latest in your area. If any player has caught a rare Pokemon at your location, publish a post on Facebook or Twitter about this and invite other players, who want to catch some rare Pokemon. You can use in-game camera to click pictures of Pokemon in your business and promote the same to people, who have never visited your location.

Gym Battles

If you are the lucky owner of a business place near Gym, you can do staggering business by conducting Gym battles. Players who wish to take control of a Gym would spend at least 30 minutes to fight the battle. This means they need to stay there for some time; you can make the most of their stay. Offer them your products like chocolates, milkshakes and other food stuff.

Charging Accessories

Pokemon Go requires players to use their mobile data and location services; this means battery of their smartphones will drain frequently. While they are at your Gym or store, you can offer players phone charging accessories or charging station.

Got a rare Pokemon? Just blow the trumpet…

Some rare Pokemon are found in a specific area; the rare Pokemon are in great demand among Pokemon Go players. If you are lucky to have such rare Pokemon in your business area, you should publicize this fact via different means. You can post advertise on social media or erect a small billboard near your business about the rare Pokemon. This will certainly boost the footfall in your business area.

While developers and promoters of Pokemon Go are busy in developing business mode of the game, players are deeply engrossed in playing this game. For players, they don’t mind spending a few bucks after their favourite games. If you are Pokemon Go player, share your feedback on this information. Connect with us on Facebook, Google Plus, andTwitter.


  1. Jayesh: I think Pokémon Go could boost local marketing in a way that Foursquare (Swarm) hasn’t been able to do on an international basis. Is Pokémon Go officially released in India?


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