How to Prevent Pocket Dialing On Android

Did you ever experience a situation when your phone accidentally dials a contact without your notice? This is quite embarrassing for any smartphone user, who keeps his phone in the butt pocket of tight trousers.

If you think that your lock screen can stop such pocket dialing, think again. There is emergency call option, which can spoil your ride. You can save yourself from this awkward situation by using Call Confirm app developed by Vlad Lee. Let’s explore how this app can help you.

How to Prevent Pocket Dialing On Android

How to Stop Pocket Dialing On Android Smartphone

Before you start following this information, you need to download Call Confirm app from Google Play Store. This doesn’t add any burden to your phone with less memory as this app will occupy just 2.04MB space on your phone.

Step #1: Call Confirm works in a very simple way. It just asks you whether you want to make a call to this contact or not. So when you press the Call button on any contact, Call Confirm ask you to confirm your call as shown in the screen shot below.

Confirm your call

Step #2: Apart from this default configuration, you can explore some additional settings by tapping on the app. For example, you can disable this app for Bluetooth headset and from Confirmation settings, you can store certain contacts in whitelist or blacklist. From this list, you can also disable entire app; this means, Call Confirm will not ask you to confirm app.

Disable this app for Bluetooth headset and from Confirmation settings

Note that features like Password protection and Appearance are available in PRO version of Call Confirm. If you like this app, you can share it with your friends by tapping the Share button.

Use Call Confirm

Now you should try to make a call from your Contacts list to check this app. Go to the phone dialler or Contacts app in your Android phone and make a call.

Call Confirm app will immediately activate its confirmation menu. If you wish to make a call, simply tap on phone icon in the middle; and if you want to dismiss the call, tap on ‘X’ icon to cancel the call.

Call Confirm also provides you a feature to add some numbers to exceptions list. If you add a few numbers to this list, the app will not confirm your excepted numbers.

If you want to prevent pocket dialing menace, you must use this app. After using this app, please share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

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