How to Prevent Someone from Modifying Accounts on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

When you disallow a stranger from adding, removing or modifying accounts in Accounts & Passwords on your iPhone or iPad, you basically ensure that nobody can make changes in the iCloud and other personal email clients you have configured on your iOS device. When it comes to security, Apple devices score better than other smartphones and tablets, and that’s why I love to share such new things with my friends. Here is another one: you can prevent anyone from making changes in Email accounts on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11.

You can stop someone from making changes in your email accounts in Accounts & Passwords by following this tutorial. Though it is a daunting task for any stranger to access your Accounts & Passwords screen on your iPhone or iPad, you must not leave anything on chance. Since you have configured iCloud account and other personal mail clients in Accounts & Passwords, you should ensure full security of the screen.

How to Prevent Someone from Modifying Accounts in Accounts & Passwords

What Happens when you stop somebody from editing Accounts in Accounts & Passwords?

Basically, your Accounts & Passwords screen turns unresponsive for strangers when you disallow changes in Accounts & Passwords; any unknown person cannot add, delete, or modify Email accounts or iCloud Drive accounts in Accounts & Passwords screen.

How to Prevent Anyone from Making Changes to Email Accounts on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

You can protect your Accounts & Passwords screen by following a simple method given below. Restrictions feature plays a major role here, and therefore, you need to enable and use Restrictions on your iPhone or iPad.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Open Settings App on iPhone

Step #2: Tap on General and then open Restrictions.

Step #3: Since you have set up Restrictions passcode, here you need to enter that passcode; simply type your four-letter Restrictions passcode and go ahead. (Jump to this post if you have forgotten Restrictions Passcode).

Enter iPhone Restrictions Passcode

Step #4: ON Restrictions screen, you need to scroll down to ALLOW CHANGES section.

Step #5: Tap on Accounts from under ALLOW CHANGES.

Step: #6: On Accounts screen, you will find two options: Allow Changes and Don’t Allow Changes. By default, Allow Changes is selected with a tick mark.

Step #7: Finally, you need to select Don’t Allow Changes option.

Here tap on Don't Allow changes to prevent someone from making changes in your Accounts and Passwords..

This action will also disable your Apple ID bar from Settings on your iPhone and iPad. Remember, disallowing changes prevents strangers or any other person from adding, removing, or modifying accounts in Accounts & Passwords. Want to confirm this? You will see that ‘Accounts’ option under ALLOW CHANGES in Restrictions will show a Lock icon. Moreover, you can follow the steps to make sure that your accounts are also disabled.

Step #1: Go back to Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Step #2: Open Settings app on your iOS device.

Step #3: Scroll down to Accounts & Passwords and tap on it.

Here, you can see that entire section viz. ACCOUNTS is disabled. You can tap on your iCloud or other personal emails clients, but the screen doesn’t respond. However, you can always open App & Website Passwords option as it is protected by your Touch ID.

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