Protecting missed calls notification on iPhone lock screen is a tricky feature and many users wonder how this feature works (until they read a comprehensive tutorial). The title itself doesn’t demystify the feature. Basically, when somebody calls you up and you don’t pick up the phone, the call becomes missed call. That is understood by every user; but when somebody else in your household or office takes your phone in hands and swipes that missed call, s/he can easily talk to the person who gave you a missed call a few minutes back. You can stop that person from swipe to call back on that missed call notification from Lock screen. For this, you need to protect missed calls on iPhone lock screen in iOS 11.

By default, the feature of Return Missed Calls is enabled in your iPhone running iOS 11, and therefore, you need to disable this to protect missed calls on iPhone lock screen. Check some simple steps mentioned below.

How to Disable Missed Calls on iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 11

How to Disable Return Missed Call on Lock Screen of iPhone in iOS 11

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on Touch ID & Passcode. (iPhone X users can tap on Face ID & Passcode.)

Tap on Touch ID and Passcode

Step #3. Enter your iPhone passcode.

Enter you Passcode

Step #4. Toggle OFF Return Missed Calls option located Under Allow Access When Locked.

Turn OFF Return Missed Calls

Once you disable return missed call on your iPhone, nobody can make a call on that missed call. In fact, you also need to enter your passcode or use Touch ID/Face ID to make a call back. This feature ensures that nobody else (except you) can return missed calls from the lock screen of your iPhone. You can enable this feature by following above steps and simply toggle Return Missed Calls ON.

That’s it!

This feature is very useful when you are working in a corporate environment that includes fierce competition and people like to employ every trick to win the favour of boss.

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  1. Can you help please. “Return missed calls” toggle is not displayed in my iPhone 8 Plus, all other toggles are listed.

    How to add this toggle to the list.


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