People have become addicts to seeing and glaring at the smartphone screen for hours. They watch videos, chat or read books or articles. The screen of the smartphone is not as big as that of your laptop or computer; hence the strain is much more than caused by the big screen. So one needs to take immense care of one’s eyes to avoid any kind of problems in the future. Your eyes will start to itch, strain, and get dry with constant use of these devices.

Eyes are very important organ of the body. It helps us not only see things but also see the emotions that one cannot express through words. Eyes play a major role in our day to day activity. Too much of strain can tense the eye muscle and cause harm to them. The end result of this is having a bad eye vision.

How to Protect Your Eyes from Smartphone Strain

7 Tips to Avoid Excess Strain to your Eyes.

#1. Blink Your Eyes Multiple Times

While you are reading or your eyes are constantly on the smartphone screen, you must blink your eyes multiple times so they keep getting moist and are not dry. Dryness will add to the irritation and itchiness of the eyes. When we are using smartphones we tend to blink less because of the strain caused hence our eyes get dry. One must blink their eyes at least 10 times every 20 minutes. With blinking, you tend to focus more which will be an added advantage.

#2. Minimize the Glare

The screen glare will only strain your eyes more and will make them drier. One of the best ways to keep up with this is to get an anti-glare coating for the screen. They benefit in many ways to your eyes as well as your smartphone. You will be able to protect your screen from fingerprints and scratches too. So a single accessory with multiple benefits is always a good option.

#3. Reduce the Screen Brightness

The higher the brightness of the screen the more your eyes are going to strain. Especially in the night, the screen with higher brightness will strain them and cause more irritation. So you need to make sure that you adjust the brightness during the day and night. This will reduce the strain on eyes and will allow you to use your phone for a longer time without any problem.

#4. Take Breaks in Between

This can be an added advantage. You must take break every 15 minutes by leaving your phone aside or by looking up from the screen. A break as much as thirty seconds to 1 minute will be beneficial and will reduce the strain on your eyes. You can also do a small exercise by focusing your eyes on a single object which is at a distant. This will relax the muscle of your eyes.

#5. Adjust the Text Size & Contrast

It is important to adjust the text size and contrast to lessen the strain to your eyes. It makes it very easy to read books, messages and email with lesser stress. The smaller the font size the more you have to strain your eyes to read something; this also gives you a bad vision in the near future. So precaution is better than cure.

#6. Keep Your Screen Clean

It is very important that you keep cleaning your screen. If the screen is a little dirty that can also cause some strain to the eyes as the clarity will be compromised. When the visibility is a little less, then you tend to add more strain to your eyes. So you must keep cleaning your screen with a soft cloth that would not leave any scratches on the screen. Even with more scratches your screen’s visibility gets worse.

#7. Keep distance between your eyes and screen

Most of us have the habit of holding the phone very close to our face which in turn adds more stress to the eyes with the light emanating from the screen. This will strain the eye muscle and only damage your eyes for the worse. You should keep your phone at least 15-18 inches away from the face. It will give your eyes a break and lesser strain.

If you want your eyes to be stress-free for longer time, you must follow above instructions. There may be other ways too that might help but these are some of the easiest and helpful ways to keep your eyes away from the strain of the screen of your smartphone. You should also splash cold water often to keep your eyes cool and hydrated.


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