How to Put iPhone X into Recovery Mode

You need to put your iPhone into recovery mode when iTunes fails to recognize your iPhone or your iPhone gets stuck on Apple logo. There are other instances when you have to use recovery mode. As of now, we are concerned with the recently launched iPhone X. And this tutorial is all about how to put iPhone X into recovery mode.

Normally, such issues get resolved by using home button and putting your phone into recovery mode. Now with the absence of home button or Touch ID button, it is difficult to put your latest iPhone X into recovery mode. iPhone 7 users have already been familiar with the process, but if you had been using older iPhones and now switching directly to iPhone X, you should know how you can put your iPhone X into recovery mode.

How to Put iPhone X into Recovery Mode

How to Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone X

Before you put your iOS device into recovery mode, you need to ensure that you are using the latest iTunes on your computer.

Step #1: Connect your iPhone with Mac or computer and launch iTunes.

Step #2: Next, shut down your iPhone. Just press and hold power button (side button) and swipe the power off slider. There is another method to shut down your iPhone X without using home button. You can check this guide to use iPhone X without home button.

Step #3: Now you are required to hold that side button and volume down buttons simultaneously.

Keep in mind that you are not supposed to release buttons until you see Apple logo.

Hold the buttons until you see recovery mode screen on your iPhone.

Here, you can select to update your iOS device. iOS will be reinstalled on your device by iTunes. Fret not, this will not delete your data.

If the download process takes more than 15 minutes and your iOS device exits recovery mode, you should wait for download to finish and repeat steps once again.

After Update or Restore is completed, you can set up your iPhone X following on-screen instructions.

How to Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone X

Suppose your iOS device is in recovery mode, press and hold power button and Volume down button simultaneously until Apple logo appears. Your iPhone or iPad will boot back to Lock screen.

It is done!

In the absence of home button, users find it troublesome to perform some actions. Slowly and gradually, they will be habituated to the new iPhone.

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