Reaction Packs for Facebook Emojis to Customize Default Reactions

Social media have offered us plethora of opportunities to register our opinions on different channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others. Apart from writing content, these channels provide us amazing and funny icons, which are known as emojis or emoticons.

These emoticons are better options, rather shortcuts to texts; so people readily accepted them as they can quickly and easily express their emotions.

Recently, Facebook has introduced some new reactions for mobile and web versions. People have started using these new entries to express their emotions. The Reaction packs are available for Firefox and Chrome.

Reaction Packs for Facebook Emojis

They are called as Reaction Packs, which are a great fun browser extension that replaces the default emojis/emoticons on Facebook. So users can change them with an image pack of their choice. This plug-in replaces the design of your Facebook reactions with a list of your choice.

As of now, Reaction Packs consists of less number of emoticons as users are allows to pick only three packs. Perhaps, Facebook is keeping keen eyes on the trend; if the present set of emojis gets some success in engaging users, Facebook will certainly bring some more options in near future.

The present Reaction Packs boasts emoticons inspired by Pokemon and Donald Trump.Trump is one of the popular figures in the US as he is standing for presidential elections; with his remarks and electoral promises, he has garnered lot of popularity. You can see different facial expressions of Trump, who is shown in different moods: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry etc.

Reaction Pack for Facebook Emojis to Customize Default Reactions

Hope you are having fun with the present pack of reactions…wait for more fun!

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