How to Record Long Voice Messages in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

Recording WhatsApp voice messages without holding down microphone is a boon for users, who send long voice messages. Until now, users had to hold that mic to record a voice message, and this was no less than a challenge. Moreover, the inconvenient way has always stopped users from sending long voice messages. But now with the latest WhatsApp update, you can record long voice messages in WhatsApp without holding down mic button on iPhone and Android.

The facility of recording a long voice message is welcome by users, who hate typing or unfortunately unable to type text. In addition, the new update enables users to chat with friends even while they are using laptop or desktop computers at office. For long voice messages recording on WhatsApp, this is an important update. And now you can check the steps of how you can send WhatsApp voice messages without that button.

How to Record WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Holding Down Mic Button on iPhone and Android

How to Record Long Voice Messages in WhatsApp  on iPhone and Android Without Holding Down Mic Button

First off, you need to update your iOS and Android device to the latest version of WhatsApp from the App Store and Play Store. Most probably, your App Store and Play Store will show you this update. In case you don’t find the update, simply uninstall the app and then reinstall WhatsApp from App Store/Play Store. Now, follow the steps given below.

Step #1: Launch WhatsApp from the home screen of your iPhone or Android.

Step #2: Now select a contact person to whom you want to send a voice message. You can also open a new chat.

Step #3: Next, press and hold microphone icon from the bottom right corner; keep pressing the mic until you see a lock slider there.

Step #4: Here, you simply need to swipe up to lock the recording. Now you can continue to record without keeping your finger down.

Step #5: Once you are done with recording voice message, tap on Send button. You can also cancel the recording by tapping on the cancel button.

That’s it!

Isn’t it a cool new update for you? Go ahead and send your long WhatsApp voice messages without holding down mic on your iPhone and Android.

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