How to Redownload Purchased Ringtones on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

iOS 11 has come up with some extraordinary features, and one that I think important for all is its capacity to download ringtones again. Earlier, users had to scrape through labyrinthine process to re-download contents, but now it is damn easy to redownload purchased ringtones on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11 or later version.

Your downloaded contents normally get deleted when you hand over your iOS device to your kids, who in their childlike innocence may erase your purchased items. Perhaps therefore, Apple gives you this facility to redownload purchased ringtones and other contents on your devices.

Before you download ringtones once again you have bought, you have to sign in to all your iOS devices with the same Apple ID. Users who have been using Apple products for long time may have used another Apple ID while purchasing some items in the past; such users can sign in with that Apple ID.

You should also ensure that you are using the latest version of iTunes, iOS, and macOS on relevant devices.

How to Recover Purchased Ringtones on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

Step #1: Open Settings on your iPhone.

Open Settings on iPhone or iPad running iOS 11

Step #2: Next, tap on Sounds or Sounds & Haptics (Sounds & Haptics option is available from iPhone 7 series).

Step #3: Here, see the options given under the section of SOUNDS AND VIBRATION PATTERNS. There are eight odd options and you need to tap any one of them.

Step #4: For example, you have tapped on Ringtone (which is most likely); on the Ringtone screen, you will find Download All Purchased Tones under the Tone Store. Tap on Download All Purchased Tones.

This will show you all previously purchased tones not available on your device at present. If you have already redownloaded purchased tones (or if you have never purchased any tone), your device won’t show this feature of Download All Purchased Tones.

Once you download all purchased tones, you can use them from Sounds & Haptics section of your iOS device.

Remember that if ringtone owner has got rid of the item from iTunes Store, you cannot redownload purchased tones.

You can use these redownloaded tones in your calendar app, message, email etc.

In its latest iTunes version (12.7), Apple has removed App Store, and therefore, this will prevent you from downloading apps or ringtones from iTunes. But you can always access your ringtones downloaded in the past in iTunes Media folder; not only this, you can transfer them to your iPhone or iPad. For curious minds, they would love to get App Store back into iTunes on Mac and Windows PC.

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