There is no obvious reason to remove Alexa devices from Amazon account. But there are many users who want to sell their Amazon Echo or other Alexa devices. If you have made up your mind to sell Alexa devices, you need to deregister those devices first from Amazon account. And this process may not be as easy as it sounds. Follow the process to de-register and remove a smart home devices from Amazon Alexa App.

Normally, users are not required to remove any of your Alexa devices from the account. For technical issues, you can factory data reset your device. But in case you want to sell or return your Amazon Echo or switching the account it is linked with, you need to de-register Alexa devices from Amazon account.

How to Remove Alexa Devices from Amazon Account

How to Remove Alexa Devices from Amazon Account

It is a simple process to deregister your officially supported Alexa devices. Your Alexa app for iOS and Android is a home to all your registered devices; moreover, you can also access those devices from

How to De-Register an Alexa device from Amazon Account

Step #1: Launch Alexa app on your mobile or simply open on your web browser.

Step #2: You need to sign in with your Amazon account.

Step #3: Next, click on Settings from the menu.

Step #4: Now click on the name of Alexa device you want to deregister.

Step #5: A deregister button is there on the right side of “Device is registered to: Name”. You will see the official device.

Step #6: Finally, click on Deregister button and confirm your action.

How to Remove Device from Amazon Account

Deregister button may be missing from the Settings menu in some cases. You can deregister another type of Alexa devices by following below mentioned method.

Step #1: Open on web browser and log in with your Amazon account ID.

Step #2: Under Accounts & Lists section, click on Manage Your Contents & Devices.

Step #3: Now click on Your Devices tab.

Step #4: You can see …* button to the left of each device.

Step #5: You need to click on this button for the Alexa device you want to remove.

Step #6: Then click on Deregister.

Step #7: Finally, click on Deregister to confirm your action.

This will quickly remove your Alexa device from the account. You can reauthorize the device with your Amazon account in case you need to use the device again.

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