How to Remove iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak and Restore Your iPhone or iPad

For Jailbreak lovers, tweaks, sources, and repos are their real friends. The recent Jailbreak has put a broad smile on iPhone and iPad users, who wanted to Jailbreak their devices running iOS 10.2. But the happy moments lasted for a few days as the Jailbreak was in beta version, which caused many issues on their devices.

All their efforts to Jailbreak iOS 10.2 on iPhone or iPad using Yalu and Cydia Impactor went in vain. And now they are ready to remove iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak and Cydia safely.

We are presenting a method that doesn’t take in restoring your iPhone or iPad, and therefore it can remove all data you have stored on your Jailbroken device. It is advisable to backup your iPhone and iPad with iTunes or iCloud.

How to Remove iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak and Cydia without Restoring

Step #1: First off, you need to delete as many tweaks as possible from Cydia on your iPhone. Remember you are not supposed to clear default/system packages like Cydia Installer, APT etc. In short, you should remove packages installed by you.

Step #2: Now restart your iPhone or iPad to disable Jailbreak.

Step #3: Make sure that Find My iPhone is enabled on your iOS device; keep Wi-Fi connection or mobile data toggled ON.

Check Settings → iCloud → Find My iPhone → toggle ON.

Step #4: Next, open on browser and log into your account.


Step #5: Click on Find iPhone square from the Launchpad.

Click on Find My iPhone

Step #6: iCloud will find your iOS device and show its location on the map.

Step #7: Now click on All Devices dropdown from the top and select your Jailbroken device. You can see a green dot next to your device and that is an indicator that the device is online.

Select your Jailbroken device

Step #8: A square box will pop up in the top right corner of your computer screen; here, you need to select the option of Erase iPhone.

Click on Erase

Upon this, iCloud will send a command to your iPhone to reset its content and erase all data, which includes Jailbreak. Your device will remain on its present firmware without restoring to the latest iOS version.

How to Remove iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak/Cydia and Restore from a backup via iTunes

If you have taken a backup of your data before removing Jailbreak, you can restore your iPhone or iPad from iTunes and iCloud.

How to Unjailbreak your iPhone or iPad and backup all data

Step #1: Launch iTunes on your computer or Mac.

Step #2: Next, connect your iPhone with computer.

Step #3: You will be prompted to enable backup; you can do this action later.

Step #4: Select your device from the left navigation panel on iTunes.

Step #5: Now you need to click on Restore and then choose Backup.

Step #6: iTunes will restore your iPhone and your backed up data will be back on your iOS device after the restore.

This will remove entire Jailbreak including tweaks and Jailbreak apps you have downloaded.

How to Remove Jailbreak and Restore iPhone or iPad as a new device

You can remove Jailbreak and restore your device as new. There are two reasons people choose this method: if you have less data, you can easily backup data and second, this will transform your iPhone into a fresh piece.

To restore your iOS device as new

This option of restoring your iOS device connects to Apple Servers and installs the latest firmware (iOS 10.2.1 while we are writing this). As expected, you will lose your data; however, you can take backup on iCloud therefore when you set up your phone, you can restore data from the backup on iCloud.

You can select to download IPSW file to local disk (this way, you can avoid iTunes Errors). Thenafter, Afterwards, in place of clicking Restore, simply click Shift+Restore and select the IPSW file you downloaded.

This is the way you can remove iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak from your iPhone without restoring to the latest firmware.

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