How to Remove Camera Shortcut from iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 10

Every iOS updates bring some necessary changes. This time, Apple by releasing iOS 10, has made a good change in the lock screen camera shortcut. Earlier, users were able to swipe up the camera icon when the iPhone was in lock screen mode.

This has changed; in the latest iOS, users have to swipe from right to left to quickly take a picture. But this doesn’t excite you. What is interesting is that now you can remove lock screen camera shortcut on your iPhone in iOS 10.

Many users find this lock screen camera shortcut annoying as it can easily lead to pocket pictures. Moreover, other users can take pictures while your iPhone is not attended by you.

To solve this issue, Apple allows you to disable camera access from the lock screen in iOS 10. Before you remove camera shortcut from lock screen, note that the process, as mentioned below, will completely disable your iPhone camera app.

However, you can always re-enable the camera app later on. It goes without saying that the workaround will also stop other apps from accessing camera app on iPhone. Now, you can follow below mentioned steps.


How to Remove Camera Shortcut from iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 10

First off, you need to enable restrictions on your iPhone, if you haven’t done this earlier.

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone.

Tap on Settings

Step #2: Tap on General.

Tap on General

Step #3: Scroll down and tap on Restrictions.

Tap on Restrictions

Step #4: If you haven’t enabled restrictions on your iPhone, you will see ‘Enable Restrictions’ option first on the screen; tap on it.

Tap on Enable Restriction

Step #5: You will be asked to enter a Restrictions Passcode.

Enter a Restriction Passcode

Step #6: You will be asked to re-enter your Restrictions Passcode. Just type in the passcode again.

Re-enter Restrictions Passcode

Now restrictions are enabled on your iPhone and you can see that instead of Enable Restrictions, there is an option of Disable Restrictions on your phone screen.

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Now, just toggle the Camera option OFF from the list of apps under ALLOW section.


It is done! Now go back to the Home screen and turn off the phone’s screen. Wake up your iPhone again and you won’t find the camera shortcut on the lock screen of your phone. Moreover, the Camera app will be disappeared from the Home screen, where other stock apps are seated.

If you want to bring this camera shortcut back, follow the above steps and just toggle the Camera app ON from the list of apps given under ALLOW section.

This workaround comes handy when you give your iPhone or iPad to your kids, who may access the camera shortcut unintentionally. And once the camera app is on, you can’t stop kids from taking photos and selfies.

This is a welcome workaround for many iPhone and iPad users. Note that if you are using iPad, you can follow same method to disable or remove camera shortcut on lock screen of your iPad.

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