How to Reset Amazon Echo Show

Getting huge success in the sale of Echo devices (first and second generation), Amazon introduced Echo Show. But the device has met with the same issues as with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. When Echo Show becomes unresponsive, you don’t get results from this intelligent assistant. The only way remains is to reset your Echo Show.

There is another reason why you need to factory reset your Amazon Echo Show: when you sell it to another user. However, care should be taken that you do not reset or turn off your Echo Show when you are setting the device up for the first time.

Resetting the Show can be your last resort; before you go to this, you need to restart your Echo Show to fix the issue. To restart your Echo Show, disconnect the power adapter from the back of Show or from wall outlet (socket). After this, simply connect the power adapter again.

How to Reset Amazon Echo Show

How to Factory Reset Amazon Echo Show

Step #1: Swipe down from the top of Echo Show screen and choose Settings; or simply send command: “Go to Settings”.

Step #2: Now you need to choose Device Options.

Step #3: Next, choose Reset to Factory Defaults.

Note that the last step will remove all your personal data/information and settings on Show.

When your Echo Show is reset, it will initiate the setup procedure. Next, you can follow the set up process.

That’s it!

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