How to Reset Restriction Passcode on iPhone or iPad Using iBackupBot

In this modern day and age, security is an extremely important issue. People desperately try to come up with clever passwords and codes to keep their devices secure from malicious or unwelcome curious individuals. But sometimes, you can overdo it, and end up securing your device from even yourself. You might recall a time when you forgot the restriction passcode to your own iPhone and ended up having to do a system restore. Not anymore! You can now simply reset restriction passcode on iPhone or iPad using iBackupBot.

If you reset restriction passcode on iPhone or iPad using iBackupBot, you can easily avoid situations wherein you had to restore your iOS devices. It goes without saying that Apple has not included a fail-safe for turning off restrictions for times when users have forgotten the passcode.

However, here you will learn a method which you can use to turn off restriction or change the restriction passcode on your iPhone or iPad if you happen to forget them.

So without further ado, here are a few steps which you can follow to reset restrictions passcode on iPhone or iPad.

Things You Will Need:

Some things which you will need,

  1. An iPhone or iPad whose restriction passcode you forgot (obviously).
  2. You need to download iBackupBot on your system.
  3. And the last prerequisite would be downloading the latest version of iTunes.

How to Reset Restriction Passcode on iPhone or iPad Using iBackupBot

Now that you have all these setup, here comes the actual work.

Step #1. First off, you will have to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Computer via lightning cable.

Step #2. Next, you need to turn on iTunes and take a backup for your iPhone.

Step #3. And lastly, after you have successfully taken the backup, it is time you quit iTunes. But don’t disconnect your iPhone from your computer just yet. It is now time to let iBackupBot do its magic!

Now the process will become mildly technical. However, even if you consider yourself not to be technically adept, you should be able to see the process through.

The intention is to use iBackupBot to change the backup file so that either you can delete the restriction code or at least reconfigure it. If you have gotten this far and made your backup, then simply follow the steps mentioned below and you should be good to go.

Step #1. Once you launch iBackupBot, go to System FilesHomeDomainLibraryPreferences.

Step #2. Then you will have to search for a file named as

Step #3. You can now use notepad to open this file, but any other text editor would do. Now in some instances, you might see rendering issues while using notepad to open this file. In such instances, you will have to go online and download a plist-editor software.

Step #4. Irrespective of which ever means you use to open the file, the next bit would be searching for a line:


In the above code snippet, X can be any numerical digit.

Step #5. Now you will have to change this code snippet into:


Stating this, you might like to know that the previous number which was allocated in the place of X was your old Passcode. And now, by changing the X to 4567, you have set your current passcode to 4567.

The last part of the process would be using iBackupBot to save the file and restore it back into your phone.

After this, simply reboot your phone and you will find that the restriction passcode for your device is now set to 4567.

If you don’t want to rely on any third-party software, you can reset restrictions passcode on iPhone and iPad with a different method.

Disclaimer: There is also a shorter means for resetting the restriction passcode on your device. However, it would require you to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

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