How to Reset Samsung Gear VR Controller

Gear VR Controller is an amazing product for those who love to play games and watch movies. But sometimes, this Controller behaves weirdly and this makes you indignant. In this situation, you have to first unpair your Gear VR controller from your smartphone. We know that you have done some hard work when you set up Samsung Gear VR. But it is a compulsory task to reset Gear VR Controller.

Resetting your Gear VR controller is the only option left when it begins to throw tantrums. There is another option to fix the issue but in that you have to take out batteries from the controller. Hence, it is better to use this workaround, though it may change some settings. So here is how you can reset Gear VR controller.

How to Reset Gear VR Controller

Before you initiate any action, you need to open the Bluetooth settings. There, you will find your paired Gear VR controller in the section of paired devices. Here, you have to tap the gear to its right; next, tap on Unpair. This will send your Gear VR controller in the list of ‘Available Devices’ section. Now pair your phone and controller once again. When the controller is paired again, you can go back to VR and use it once again.

Follow the steps…

Step #1: Launch Bluetooth settings on your smartphone.

Step #2: Tap on gear to the right side of Gear VR controller.

Step #3: To disconnect the controller from phone, tap on ‘Unpair’.

Step #4: Head back to Oculus app and reconnect your smartphone to Gear VR controller.

Why should you reset your Gear VR controller?

Any technological device may behave bizarrely at any time. Electronic devices are highly unpredictable and users should be prepared to reset them. At the same time, keep an eye on the battery life of your controller; if things are not in your hands, go for hard reset, which can fix the issue.

When your Gear VR controller fails to work properly even as batteries are full, you have to deal with the situation by resetting your Gear VR. It is a matter of a few minutes; we know how tough it is to stay away from your Gear VR for 5-10 minutes.

Did you have to reset your Gear VR controller?

A gaming aficionado would never like an idea of unpairing the controller from his smartphone. But such issues will crop up at regular intervals to test your patience. Have you ever reset your Gear VR controller? Is there any other method to reset Gear VR controller?

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