AssistiveTouch virtual button is a saviour for those who have broken the physical home button on their iPhone or iPad. With the release of iOS 11, many useful features are introduced in AssistiveTouch. Soft restart is one such entrant that helps you restart your iPhone with broken home button. You can use this soft restart button for restarting iPhone or iPad without home button and power button in iOS 11

It is noticed by many users that home button fails to work or becomes unresponsive; in this situation, you can follow some possible solutions to fix iPhone home button not working issue. The solutions were listed when we were using iOS 10, but they can work in iOS 11 also. In iOS 11, AssistiveTouch feature is taken to the next step as Apple introduced soft restart option. This will enable users to reboot their iPhone with broken home button.

There are many occasions when iPhone users have to restart their device; in the presence of damaged home button, this becomes impossible. Sensing this fresh challenge, Apple brings this new feature in iOS 11.

How to Restart iPhone or iPad Without Home Button and Power Button in iOS 11

There are many users, who use physical home button; if you are the one, you need to enable this AssistiveTouch button first on your device.

Step #1: Open Settings app on your iPhone.

Tap on Settings

Step #2: Now tap on General.

Tap on General

Step #3: Next, tap on Accessibility.

Tap on Accessibility

Step #4: Scroll down and then tap on AssistiveTouch, which is under INTERACTION section.

Tap on AssistiveTouch

Step #5: Simply toggle the button AssistiveTouch ON.

Toggle ON AssistiveTouch

Now you can use soft restart button for rebooting iPhone with damaged or broken home button.

Step #1: Now that AssistiveTouch is rolling on your iPhone screen, tap on that white ball.

Step #2: There appears six options including that virtual home button; the other five are: Siri, Custom, Notifications, Device, and Control Center. You need to tap on Device (which shows an iPhone icon).

Tap on Device

Step #3: Another six options appear including Volume Down, Volume Up, Lock Screen, Rotate Screen, Mute and More. Tap on More, i.e. three horizontal dots.

Tap on three vertical dots

Step #4: Here you will see total seven options viz. Restart, SOS, Multitasking, Screenshot, Shake, Reachability, and Gestures. You need to tap on Restart button.

Tap on Restart

You will be asked to confirm your action by a pop-up box: Are you sure you want to restart your iPhone?

Step #5: Finally, tap on Restart button and your iPhone will be restarted.

Tap on Restart to confirm

After a few seconds, an Apple logo appears and then you will see your iPhone home screen. If you have connected your iPhone with your computer during this process, you will have to trust the computer once again so that you can use iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer.

How to Turn Off iPhone or iPad without Using Power Button in iOS 11

Step #1. Tap on Settings on your iPhone.

Tap on Settings

Step #2. Next, Hit on General.

Tap on General

Step #3. Now simply tap on Shut Down option.

Tap on Shutdown

Step #4. Now just slide to power off to turn off your iPhone.

Slide to Power off your iPhone

That’s all

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