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Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 has revolutionized the way you use Android devices. Its new home screen launcher has got many new features; among all the awesome features, people are particularly interested in how it changes the way app drawer works. This information deals with how you can restore app drawer button on Galaxy S8/S8 Plus or how you can completely disable it.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 allows you to disable this app drawer and enables you to swipe up or swipe down to access app drawer. This is similar to the way Google Pixel Launcher or other launchers for Android work.

Disabling the app drawer or all apps button is a completely new approach, which creates some space for an extra app on the home screen. In case you want to give your phone a traditional look, you can always restore app drawer button on Galaxy S8. Alternatively, if you want to remove app drawer button from Home screen, you can do it by following four easy steps.

How to Disable or Remove App Drawer on Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Step #1: Long press on the empty area on your phone’s home screen.

Step #2: Tap on Settings icon, i.e. cog wheel.

Step #3: In the menu that follows, tap on Home screen layout.

Step #4: Now select ‘Home screen only’ option and then tap on Apply button.

How to Restore App Drawer Button on Galaxy S8/S8 Plus

Step #1: Long press an empty area on home screen of your Galaxy S8.

Step #2: Now tap on the Settings icon, i.e. cog wheel.

Step #3: Next, tap Apps button in the main menu.

Step #4: Finally, choose Show Apps button and then tap on Apply.

It is done!

Now you can easily play with that app drawer button on your Galaxy S8 smartphone.

This is how you can restore app drawer button on Galaxy S8. Both the methods are easy and you can do it from home screen settings panel on Galaxy S8.

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