Even as Samsung has launched its flagship Galaxy Note 7 on August 19, people have begun to root this phone. This means users have lost patience to explore the original, unrooted piece. Anyway, users, i.e. customers are king and every business owner has to give respect to their demands.

In a couple of weeks, Note 7 users have raised queries as to how to root their Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This trend is also seen when Apple launches its iOS devices. Many users who are loyal to the original Android operating system ponder as why anybody should root their Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Well, the answer is: they are not happy with the built-in specifications and features. And therefore, they want to make some customizations themselves.

Thankfully, there is SuperSU flash is made available by TWRP recovery; CF Auto root can also help you unlock bootloader on your Note 7. You need to follow some simple steps to complete this action.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 7

How to Root Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7

You can follow two methods to root your Galaxy Note 7. Either you unlock your phone with bootloader flashing CF Auto Root kernel through Odin or by flashing SuperSu zip. Before we go into details, you should take backup of all documents, photos, videos, and other important data. After taking backup, you should know that rooting also requires you to disable dm-variety and a forced encryption; to do this, you need to do factory reset of Note 7.

First off, download SuperSu v2.76 from this link.

Step #1: Install TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Step #2: Turn off your Galaxy Note 7.

Step #3: Press and hold Home, Power, and Volume Up buttons all together for a few seconds. When you see Note 7 logo on the screen, release all the buttons. This will boot your phone into TWRP recovery.

Step #4: Here, you will be asked to ‘Allow System Modifications’ in TWRP recovery booting. At this, swipe your finger from left to right and allow system modifications.

Step #5: On TWRP menu, you can see WPE > Format Data option (do not choose advanced option). Enter ‘yes’ and proceed.

Step #6: Sync your Galaxy Note 7 with PC and allow the computer to transfer all files to the device through MTP connection, which is supported by TWRP.

Step #7: Transfer SuperSu zip file to your Note 7. I hope that you have downloaded this zip file from the ling mentioned above.

Step #8: Now select ‘Install’ from TWRP main menu and flash SuperSU zip file, which you have transferred to the device in the above step.

Step #9: Finally, reboot your Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

After following above steps, your Galaxy Note 7 should be rooted easily. Do you know any other method to root Note 7? If yes, please share your feedback with us. We are happy to interact with you on FacebookTwitter and Google+. You may also leave your feedback in the Comment section below.


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