Samsung DeX Tips and Tricks: Experience Galaxy S8 on Desktop

Remember a couple of years back when Microsoft announced their Continuum feature? The ability to plug your phone into a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and get a full blown desktop experience. Similar to that concept, Samsung has come out with DeX for their Samsung Galaxy S8.

If you are enthusiastic about this whole phone turning into a desktop thing, then you can give this device a try. And just so that you don’t become clueless after getting the device, here are some quick tips and tricks on how to use DeX to its full extent.

Samsung DeX Tips and Tricks

Samsung DeX Tips and Tricks

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Where to Access all DeX apps?

Currently, the platform is not blooming with apps. You will only get a handful, and you can easily use your fingers to count all of them. But how to access this limited collection of apps?

Well, all the applications should be immediately present after you open the DeX app drawer. All the apps should be present under the banner “Apps for DeX.” However, if this is not the case, then you can use the three dot menu button and open the Galaxy app store. From here you can view all compatible applications.

The Right-Click Feature

If you use your mouse to do a right click, then just like in Windows, some extra options and features will show up. You can use the Right Click functionality to add a desktop shortcut or to pin an app to the bottom of the task bar. Similar to Windows, it depends on where you are using the Right Click function.

How to Resize the App Windows?

In the context of DeX, not all apps have yet been optimised for the platform. So only with the optimised apps, you can use resize functionality. And in the case of all the unoptimised applications, they will run in the single column phone layout.

Now if you want to resize an optimised app, then it can be achieved by using your mouse pointer and taking it to the edge of a window and clicking and dragging it similar to Windows.

Now, note that while resizing app windows, if the overlay turns red, then it indicates that the app doesn’t support this resizing function.

How to Set up Face Recognition or Iris Recognition?

Unlike with phones, where you have the option to unlock your device with your fingertips, here you have the option to unlock your DeX system with facial recognition or Iris scanner.

However, you should take note that the face recognition features aren’t as secure and robust as you would want it to be. And so the functionality is only available for unlocking your phone and doesn’t extend to be used in other apps.

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How are Notifications Managed in DeX?

If you use Windows 10, then you must know how notifications pop up in the bottom right corner of your screen. Things are the same with DeX as well.

However, you can react with the notification in the same way as you do on any Android devices. You will have the option to reply directly from the alert, and you can also dismiss the notification by clicking on the ‘X’ mark.

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Are There Keyboard Shortcuts?

There is a list of keyboard shortcuts which you can use to control DeX, but for some reason, these are hidden deep inside the settings menu. To Access the list you will have to open the settings menu on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and then go to General managementLanguage and InputPhysical KeyboardKeyboard Shortcuts.

Now one confusing bit about all the shortcuts is that the Activation Key for the shortcuts is listed as “meta”, and it is hard to decipher which key this is referring to.

Where Are my Files?

There is an App called My Files, and through this, you get access to your Files. Pretty straightforward, right? However, through the app, you not only have the ability to get access to all the files stored on your phone’s internal memory and microSD card but also on cloud services like DropBox and Google Drive. This app can really prove to be quite handy, and a one-stop access to all your files.

Is the Phone Going to get Hot?

So Samsung is expecting to run a full Desktop through its smartphone. The idea is ambitious, like a fan in a CPU to keep things cool, has Samsung taken any similar measures? Well, it turns out that there is a small fan inside your Samsung Galaxy S8. From time to time, the fan will get turned on to help you cool your phone. The technology can be compared to how wireless fast charging pads have a fan for cooling purposes. Neat huh!

What’s that Low Memory Warning?

Inside the DeX environment, after you have opened a bunch of apps and not considered closing them, then this warning message can show up.

The warning message basically states: “Memory Low. Save your Files and close any apps that you’re not using”. Hence if you are planning to use DeX, you should rather make it a habit to saving any work and closing each app as you are done using it.

Now some apps are an exception, for example, Gmail. The app doesn’t need to be opened and keeps running in the background to receive emails.

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Remember to Save your Work

This is explicitly exclaimed in by your phone, once you dock your S8. This is because after you undock your phone all the apps will get closed and any unsaved work will be lost. So remember this and save all ongoing work while docking in or undocking your device.

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