Face Recognition on Samsung mobiles began with Galaxy S8, and then the feature was retained in its celebrated Note series. The latest Galaxy Note 8 has this feature, which gives you quick access when you want to unlock your Galaxy Note 8. However, many users noted that face recognition stopped working all of a sudden. When they set up Face Recognition, it works smooth for some days, but then they receive an error, “Face not recognized, front camera may be dirty. Clean area above screen and try again”. If you are using the Samsung device, here is how to fix face recognition not working on Galaxy Note 8 issue.

When Galaxy Note 8 face unlock not working, you should first check the lighting conditions where you are. Many users have reported that face recognition feature on Note 8 works once in twenty attempts. This obviously tests any user’s patience as nobody has this time to make so many attempts; instead, the users would like to use power button (from the right side). But then this neglects the importance of face recognition on Note 8. Hence, it is important to fix the issue of face recognition not working on Galaxy Note 8.

How to Fix Face Recognition Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Issue

How to Fix Face Recognition Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Issue

When face recognition stops working on your Note 8, follow below given solutions.

Clear Cache and App Data

Step #1: Launch Settings app on your Note 8.

Step #2: Tap on Apps.

Step #3: Here, you need to tap on three dotted icons from the upper right corner of your device.

Step #4: Then tap on Show System Apps.

Step #5: Next, scroll down and find Face; tap on it.

Step #6: Tap on Storage.

Step #7: When you are there, tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Disable Smart Stay Feature

Smart Stay basically keeps your Note 8 on as long as you stare at your device screen; once you stop staring at your phone, the screen will be locked.

Step #1: Open Settings on Note 8.

Step #2: Tap on Display.

Step #3: Locate Smart Stay feature.

Step #4: Your Smart Stay feature is activated and you can see a check box is selected with a tick mark; simply uncheck the box and come back to Home screen.

You can now see whether face recognition is working or not.

Wipe Cache Partition

By using Cache Partition, you can maintain your Note 8 in a good condition.

Step #1: First, shut down your Galaxy Note 8.

Step #2: Next, you need to hold Home, Power and Bixby buttons simultaneously.

Step #3: Once Android logo appears on the screen, release the three buttons. Wait till Android Recovery is accessed.

Step #4: When your Note 8 shows Recovery menu, press Volume Down key to enable Wipe Cache Partition.

Step #5: Press Volume Down button again and this will enable Yes button; next, press the Power button.

Step #6: When Wipe Cache Partition is over, you can see that Reboot System Now is enabled automatically.

Step #7: Finally, press the Power button to select this option; your Note 8 will restart.

Upon restart, use Face Recognition if it works.

Some more solutions...

If you are using a screen guard to protect the touch screen of your Note 8, you must ensure that it is not covering the sensors; it should be installed precisely on your device screen.

Are camera sensors spoiled by dust particles? Clean the sensors with a microfiber cloth.

In the last resort, you should delete the current Face Recognition set up, and reset the facial recognition on your Note 8.

That’s it!

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The above solutions should fix the issue of facial recognition not working on Galaxy Note 8. Do you have any other solution to offer? Share your feedback with us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus.


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