For any electronic gadget, perfection is always a far cry. Whether the device is made by Apple or Samsung, there is got to be some fault or defect. The case in point is Samsung’s Note 8, which has met with fresh troubles. According to some users, this phone becomes frozen and unresponsive. God forbid, if your Note 8 gets frozen or unresponsive, what should you do? We have listed a simple workaround in case your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 frozen and unresponsive.

The issue was first registered on Samsung Community, where a user posted a long query about this frozen Note 8:

While using the S pen in note mode it became unresponsive. Then a pop showed up stating “Process system isn’t responding”, X Close app, and a clock icon with Wait. However tapping either choice does nothing. The screen goes black depressing the power button. Turning the screen back on and the pop-up still over lays the Swipe screen to unlock screen, still unresponsive. Depressing the power button for a second will show the power off and Emergency mode selections with the pop-up over laying the middle choice. Again the pop-up choices and Power off are unresponsive. Depressing the Bixby button or removing the S pen changes the screen under the pop-up, but like the unlock screen they are unresponsive to touch or voice. With any of the under lying screens touching where the home screen icon would be at the center bottom the normal response to pushing the icon or keyboard buttons can be felt. Will go to the store/repair center today and see if they have any ideas. The only other choice I have is to let the battery run down until it shuts down then recharge it and see what happens when I turn it back on.”

There are a few important takeaways from this query: the issue arises when user users S pen on their Note; the phone screen goes black; and there are pop-up overlays.

How to Reset a Frozen Galaxy Note 8

Normally, users can fix minor issues with a quick reboot. But this one is not an ordinary problem on your Galaxy Note 8. You can use the button combination on the side of your Note 8 to solve the problem.

The method mentioned below is of hard reset; you should not be bothered about your data as this will not delete your data. Instead, this process simply reboots your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Step #1: Hold your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in your hands.

Step #2: Now press and hold Power and Volume down button simultaneously for 7 odd seconds.

You can hold the two buttons until your device vibrates and shuts down. This workaround works even though your phone has gone black or is frozen. It is called hard reset and it works in any situation.

Your Note 8 will restart and boot back to work smart. Remember, you data will remain intact after this process; however, this will close apps and browser windows you were working on your Note 8. This hard reboot may restart your phone into maintenance or safe mode.

It is done!

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