When it comes to smartphones manufacturers, Apple and Samsung are the ones that rule the industry with their high-end flagships and there is no doubt about that. Just take for example the latest Galaxy S10 which is one of the best smartphones ever made. Even though Samsung might have equipped Galaxy S10 with the most powerful hardware parts available on the market at the time that the smartphone was being designed, there is one piece of hardware that Galaxy S10 lacks which can make the smartphone even better than it already is.

There is one accessory that is now considered as a “must-have” by all smartphone pro users and the accessory is a wireless charger. It still comes as a shock that smartphone manufacturers are not already bundling their flagship smartphones with wireless chargers but after all, we shouldn’t be surprised because these companies want to make money by selling accessories for a high price.  With that said, today we are going to check out the best wireless chargers compatible with Galaxy S10 that are available for purchase on Amazon.

The Best Wireless Chargers for Galaxy S10

#1 Yootech


The first thing that we want to mention about this wireless charger is that it’s made by Yootech. This is a renowned third-party accessory maker and all its products are of premium quality. Furthermore, this wireless charger is equipped with lots of cool features such as a vertical and horizontal charging stand that makes it possible for Galaxy S10 users to watch entertaining online videos while the smartphone’s battery is being charged. In addition, the wireless charger features “intelligent temperature protection” which is going to keep Galaxy S10 from overheating.
Price: $21.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#2 ESR


The wireless charger made by ESR features 7.5W and 10W charging that provides Galaxy S10 users with ultra-fast charging speeds. One of the features that makes this wireless charger stand out from all the other ones on our list is the fact that it’s designed with a sleep in mind soft LED indicator. The indicator is going to automatically turn off after one minute so that the user’s sleep doesn’t get interrupted. However, the most important feature that the wireless charger offers is its premium quality and compact design.
Price: $21.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#3 Anker


If you are looking for something a little bit cheaper that is still going to provide you with fast charging speeds for your Galaxy S10, then you can’t go wrong with the wireless charger made by Anker. This is a 10W wireless charger and it’s Qi-certified which means that it can charge all other smartphones that are equipped with Qi technology. The folks at Anker have also made sure to create a case-friendly wireless charger which means that Galaxy S10 users will not be required to take off the case from their daily carrier in order to charge its battery to the max.
Price: $19.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#4 Andobil Boost

Samsung did an amazing job when it designed Galaxy S10 and there is no doubt about that. The flagship smartphone is equipped with a full-screen display and a punch-hole camera that looks much better than Apple or Huawei’s latest smartphone offerings. This is why some of you Galaxy S10 fans might want to consider giving the Andobil Boost wireless charger a try because its sleek design goes great with Galaxy S10.

Since we are talking about the accessory’s sleek design, we need to mention that it features hand-polished alloy, an anti-slip or scratchpad, and soft blue status light. To top it all off, the wireless charger is equipped with an intelligent chip that will automatically take measures when either the smartphone or the wireless charger starts heating up.
Price: $39.99
Purchase it from Amazon

#5 Hoidokly


The wireless charger made by Hoidokly doesn’t just feature an amazing design, but it’s also quite affordable. The wireless charger is currently on sale at Amazon and it costs only $12.99 from $19.99. However, we don’t know for how long this discount is going to be available for and this is why we are advising everyone who wants to get the Hoidokly wireless charger for only $12.99 to hurry up.

#6 Vebach


Even though the Vebach wireless charger might be a little bit more expensive than the previous one on our list, it makes up for that by offering 7W and 10W charging speeds for Samsung’s Galaxy S10. The wireless charger is also equipped with advanced safety features such as temperature control, foreign object detection, over-charger protection, radiation shielding and many more other features. Last but not least, the folks at Vebach have equipped the wireless charger with a unique looking design that is surely going to make the accessory stand out.
Price: $12.99
Purchase it from Amazon



If fancy designs that will stand out around the office are not your thing, then the one featured in the picture above might be just right up your alley. This wireless charger is made by the accessory company known as CHOETECH and it features fast charging speeds. The wireless charger is also ultra-slim measuring in at only 0.3-inches in thickness and this makes it perfect for small places. To make things even better, CHOETECH is so confident in the performances of the wireless charger that it is offering an 18-month warranty program.
Price: $13.29
Purchase it from Amazon

#8 Mostof


We have saved the best for last. This is a great looking wireless charger that is not compatible only with Galaxy S10 but also with a Gear S or Galaxy Watch wearable device. This is why the Mostof wireless charger is quite a necessary accessory for all Samsung fans who own more than one smart devices. According to the Amazon listing of the wireless charger, the folks at Mostof have equipped it with a user-friendly design that combines the charger stand with a charger mat by a magnet. This makes it possible for the accessory to charge two Qi-enabled devices at the same time.
Price: $35.90
Purchase it from Amazon


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