Galaxy Watch Active 2 – Top 5 Tips and Tricks To Become a Pro User

Samsung has recently revealed the much-anticipated Galaxy Watch Active 2 alongside its new flagship Galaxy Note 10. Galaxy Watch Active 2 one of the best smartwatches ever made in terms of performances and the only real competition it faces is Apple’s Watch Series 4.

Nonetheless, if you are interested in buying the new Galaxy Watch Active 2, then you have arrived at the right website because today we want to present the best tips and tricks for Samsung’s new smartwatch that are going to make you a power user.

Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Even though the South Korean based tech giant equips its devices with friendly UIs (user interfaces) some of the best features are usually a little bit tricky to find and only veteran users know about them.

Fortunately, this isn’t a problem for you because we have scoured the internet in search of the best Galaxy Watch Active 2 tips and tricks and we are going to present them right now. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

#1 Goodnight Mode

Goodnight Mode

One of the most useful features that Samsung’s smartwatches offer is called the Goodnight mode. This mode is basically an essential tool for Galaxy Watch Active 2 users who are planning to sleep with the smartwatch on their wrist because they want to track their sleep activity. Furthermore, the Goodnight mode is going to automatically mute all alerts apart from what really matters, alarms and notifications.

What’s great about the Goodnight mode is the fact that it’s super simple to enable. The only thing that Galaxy Watch Active 2 users need to do is simply swipe down on the main screen to reveal the Quick Settings menu and then tap on the icon that looks like a crescent moon (located on the top left corner).

After tapping on the icon, the Goodnight mode will be on. We should note that this mode is also increasing the battery life of Galaxy Watch Active 2 by up to two days.

#2 Stylize the Watch Faces

 Stylize the Watch Faces

The biggest downside about purchasing a popular smartwatch such as Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the fact that millions of other people will own the same model as you.

Luckily, Samsung knows that people like to be unique and this is why it’s giving Galaxy Watch Active 2 users access to various Watch Face modifications that will make the smartwatch look much different than usual.

The fastest way to modify the Watch Face of Galaxy Watch Active 2 is to simply access the Galaxy Wearable app and then navigate over to the Watch Faces panel. The only thing left to do now is to simply pick a Watch face that you like and then tap on the little orange icon that can be spotted in the top right corner.

#3 Turn Off Connections for More Battery Life

Turn Off Connections for More Battery Life

If you are leaving for a trip and you made the mistake of forgetting your Galaxy Watch Active 2 charger, then this trick is going to be a lifesaver for you.

If you ever want to extend the overall battery life of your Samsung smartwatch, then you should be pleased to know that this can be done by turning off all connections.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 users need to head over to the Settings panel and then tap on the Connections option. The next step is to simply turn off all other connections except Bluetooth which is required in order to keep the smartwatch connected to the smartphone so that it can send notifications.

#4 Modify the Quick Settings Panel

Modify the Quick Settings Panel

Everyone who has ever used a smartwatch made by Samsung knows that the Quick Settings panel is super useful. This panel is giving users access to all their favorite settings that they can enable or disable whenever they want.

To make things even better, Samsung is allowing Galaxy Watch Active 2 users to modify the Quick Settings panel and introduce all types of shortcuts.

The Quick Settings panel can be modified by accessing Advanced and then by scrolling down to “Edit Quick Settings”. All that is left now is to tap on “Edit Quick Settings” and then swap out all the icons that you don’t need in exchange with the ones that you like most. Some cool shortcuts that you can add are to play or stop the music.

#5 Modify the Workout Screens

Hands down, the best thing about Galaxy Watch Active 2 and all other Galaxy Watches is the fact that they are great for workouts. They are super comfortable during runs and they will measure all types of data such as the user’s heart rate which is nice to see while running or pumping weights.

This is why Samsung has made it possible for Galaxy Watch Active 2 users to modify their workout screens in order to add different types of information.

When preparing for a workout, Galaxy Watch Active 2 users are advised to select the small cog icon and then pick the “Workout Screen” option. After doing this, Galaxy Watch Active 2 users can pick and choose whatever shortcuts and information they want to be displayed during workouts such as the heart rate or music.

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