Sending Animoji via Message on iPhone X can be a great fun for all users. Animojis are nothing but a voice recorded animated emojis, and therefore, they add more fun to your conversation with friends on iPhone. After listening to many interesting things about Animojis, non-iPhone X users regret over not having this most advanced phone. But they should not shed tears as they can always save and share animoji on iPhone and iPad. In this tutorial, we will deal with how you can make and send Animoji on iPhone X through iMessage in iOS 11.

Note that Animojis will be saved in recipient’s iPhone as a video. First, to send an Animoji, you have to create one by recording Animoji on your iPhone X, and then send it via message app to your friends and family members.

How to Send Animoji via iMessage on iPhone X

How to Create and Send Animoji on iPhone X via iMessage 

Step #1: Open Messages app on your iPhone X and tap on any conversation.

Step #2: Now tap on the compose message field, where you type text to send reply.

Step #3: Next, you need to tap on Animoji icon from the Message App drawer, which is seen third from the left (next to Apple Pay).

Step #4: This action will quickly show you an Animoji begin to animate on the phone’s screen; the animoji will reflect your facial gestures and head movements.

Here, you can explore other animojis from the list by swiping the panel of faces on left of the screen.

Step #5: Here, you can tap on record button and the animoji will begin to record your voice. You can speak up your message loudly and make different gestures.

Note that TrueDepth technology of Apple can also notice wrinkles on your forehead. So if your forehead has wrinkles, they will reflect on the animoji too.

Step #6: Once you have done with the recording, simply tap on record button again to stop it. Check the preview of your recording and then, tap on Send button available in blue color.

That’s it! You have created and sent animoji successfully on your iPhone X.

How to Create a Custom Animoji sticker on iPhone X

If you want to make your own custom Animoji sticker from iPhone X, then follow this below mentioned steps:

Step #1: Launch the Messages app on your iPhone X.

Step #2: Start a new message or tap on existing any message.

Step #3: Tap on App Store icon→ tap on Animoji icon.

Step #4: Select an Animoji of your choice and stare straight into your iPhone X; then adjust your face inside the frame.

Step #5: Next, you need to do a facial expression; now touch and hold your Animoji and drag it to the message to send it automatically.

How to Save Animoji to iPhone Camera Roll

If you want to save this animated characters on your iPhone and iPad in Photos app then check out this guide.

While I am writing this, there are 12 emojis are supported:

  • Alien
  • Cat Face
  • Chicken
  • Dog Face
  • Fox Face
  • Monkey Face
  • Panda Face
  • Pig Face
  • Pile of Poo
  • Rabbit Face
  • Robot Face
  • Unicorn Face

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