How to Send Live Photos as GIFs on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

When Apple introduced Live Photos feature in its iPhone 6s, people treated it as just another fad that would fade away. But this never happened and users began to enjoy clicking Live Photos on their iPhones. However, mere clicking Live Photos didn’t give them that solid kick as they wanted to share this joy. Now this is where problem begins: iPhone users could share their Live Photos only with other iPhone users as their Live Photos would become a normal photo once shared on computer or Android phones. There is a trick, though; users can always send Live Photos as GIFs on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11.

In its latest iOS release, Apple allows users to edit Live Photos by offering you a few tools to trim, change thumbnail, and effect of the Live Photo. The tools will ensure that you get the best Live Photo on your iPhone. By using the tools, you can share your Live Photos as GIF.

How to Send Live Photos on iPhone or iPad

How to Send Live Photos as GIFs on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11

Step #1: Launch Photos app and open the Live Photo you wish to share with others.

Step #2: On your phone screen, swipe up and a menu will be presented to help you change the effects of Live Photo.

Step #3: You can either choose ‘Loop’ or ‘Bounce’ as the Effect.

Step #4: When you finish the above steps, press the ‘Share’ button from the bottom left corner of your phone screen.

Step #5: Finally, you need to select the default ‘Mail’ app to share Live Photo.

In your Mail app, you know what you have to do: fill in necessary details and hit the Send button. Before the mail is sent, you will be prompted to select file size – if you want to send small size or actual one. It is completely your choice to select file size.

The person whom you sent the Live Photo will receive a GIF; thanks to Mail app that automatically converts Live Photos into GIF.

How to Send Live Photos as GIFs on WhatsApp

Yes, of course! And for this, you don’t need to update to iOS 11 as long as you are using the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step #1: Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Step #2: Tap on the contact with whom you want to share Live Photos as GIFs via WhatsApp.

Step #3: Tap on (+) icon from the bottom left corner of phone screen.

Step #4: A menu will appear there, and you need to choose ‘Photo & Video Library’ from the options.

Step #5: Once you are in Photo Library, 3D Touch a Live Photo you want to share, and then swipe up.

You will get two options: Select as Photo and Select as GIF. You need to choose the second option, i.e. Select as GIF.

That’s it! You are good to go now.

Apple’s iOS 11 has made Live Photos more interesting. Earlier in iOS 10, users had to turn Live Photos into GIFs or Videos with the help of third-party apps. But now, you don’t need to download any such third-party apps on your iOS 11 device.

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