Typing messages from the comfort of my Mac or Windows computer is an indescribable joy for me. This is the reason I have installed Apple’s iMessage app on my Windows PC. But what about those who have an Android device and want to send and receive text messages on Windows laptop or MacBook? Well, there is a way; this tutorial will tell you how you can send and receive Android text messages on Mac or Windows PC.

You need to download AirText from Play Store to send or receive SMS on Computer or Mac. This app will sync your Android SMS text messages with your Mac, Windows PC, Android tablet, and iPad also. Thus, you will have a pleasure of using iMessage for Android!

How to Send and Receive Android Text Messages on Mac or Windows PC

When a message is delivered on your Android phone, you get a notification. Moreover, you have full access to a range of emojis; a step ahead, you can define your own exclusive avatar to spice up your text messaging experience.

How to Send or Receive Android Text Messages on Mac or Windows PC

If you select free version of AirText, you will be able to send only five messages per day; since it’s a free download, you will have to face those disturbing ads. A plus point is that the app supports MMS and group messaging is also available.

Want to remove those irritating ads and the barrier of five messages? Go for monthly or yearly subscription of $4.99 and $129.99 respectively. The paid version won’t have any ads and will provide you customer support round the clock.

Now follow the steps:

Step #1: Download and install AirText app on your Android device. Next, create your account in the app.

Enter your Name, Password and choose your email id from the drop down menu.

Download AirText App on Android and Create Your Account

Step #2: Next, you need to download AirText on Mac or Windows PC.

Step #3: Now is the time to log in with your username and password.

Login in AirText App on Mac or Window PC

Step #4: Once you have successfully logged in AirText app, you will be able to view all your Android text messages and contacts on your computer.

How to Send/Receive Android Text Messages on Mac or Windows PC

You can now easily send and receive messages from the desktop.

That’s all friends!

One of the most useful things about AirText is that it allows me to type messages quickly as I can use keyboard of my Mac and Windows PC. Moreover, I don’t have to hold my Android phone in my hands (which always distracts my attention); I can communicate faster with my friends and colleagues, and get back to my task on my laptop. Isn’t it a cool stuff? Don’t miss that search bar, which enables you to find previous messages; note that AirText gives a storage space of saving 500 messages.

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