How to Send Starbucks Gift Card via iMessage from iPhone

Another surprise pops out from iPhone’s iMessage app. Among the many cool features of iMessage, the latest hot cake is Starbucks gift card, which you can send via text message.

This seems quite impossible at this stage, but once you follow the process, you will be able to send Starbucks gift card to your friends or loved ones.

iMessage has always been explored by third-party app developers at regular intervals. Moreover, Apple itself keeps introducing awesome features in iMessage.

But this one is surely going to win the hearts of young iPhone users as they would love to send Starbucks gift card to iPhone. If there is a coffee aficionado in your group, why don’t you send Starbucks gift card?


How to Send Starbucks Gift Card Via iMessage from iPhone

Step #1: Launch iMessage app on your iPhone. Either create a new message or select the recipient from existing conversation.

Select recipient from message app

Step #2: Now tap on App Store icon on the upper left side of keyboard.

Tap on App Store

Step #3: Here, you will find a list of iMessage apps and Stickers.

Step #4: Next, tap on four dots seen on the bottom left corner of your phone screen.

Tap on four dots

Step #5: If you have downloaded Starbucks app, it will appear in the drawer on the conversation screen.

Many users cannot see Starbucks app in the app drawer even if they have downloaded the app. In this case, follow the steps given below:

  • Tap on App Store icon and tap on four dots.
  • Next, tap on Store icon (it is a ‘+’ sign).
  • You will land on App Store screen; you can see three buttons: Featured, Categories, and Manage. Tap on Manage button.
  • Then toggle Starbucks Gift option ON.

Tap on Manage and Toggle on Starbucks Gift App

If you have not downloaded the Starbucks app at all, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Follow the first two steps as mentioned above.
  • On App Store screen, tap on magnifying glass to search Starbucks app.

Tap on Magnifying lens and search for starbucks app

  • Type in Starbucks and tap on Get button to download the app.

Type starbucks and tap on Get

Step #6: Now tap on Starbucks app from App drawer.

Tap on Starbucks from App Drawer

Starbucks asks you to send Notifications; you can choose Allow or Don’t Allow.

Tap on Allow

Step #7: Next, you are required to sign in; if you don’t have Starbucks ID, you need to tap on Gift option from the top menu.

Tap on Sign in or tap on Gift from menu to create id

A pop-up will swipe up from the bottom and you can tap on JOIN NOW button. Fill in your personal information and then tap on CREATE ACCOUNT button from the bottom of screen.

Tap on Join NOw

Step #8: You will find a collection of Starbucks gift card designs. Choose your favourite and tap on it.

Step #9: Here, you can select how much you want to send.

Step #10: Tap on ‘Buy’ button, which is available at the bottom of your phone screen.

If you have not set up Apple Pay, you will be prompted to set up Apple Pay for Starbucks.

You can use your Apple Pay to verify and complete the shopping; alternatively, you can use credit cards you have stored on your iPhone.


How to Send Starbucks Gift Card Without using Apple Pay.

Step #1: Open Starbucks gift card app.

Step #2: After logging in, you need to tap on Gift and choose any Gift Card.

Select Any Gift Card

Step #3: Next, tap ‘Add Recipient and Message’.

Step #4: Here, Starbucks will ask you to access your contacts by a pop-up: ‘Starbucks’ Would Like to Access Your Contacts’. Tap on OK.

Allow Acces to Contacts by tapping on OK

Step #5: After selecting a contact from the list, you can write a message of up to 160 characters.

Select Contact and Type Message

Step #6: Then tap on Amount and select any amount from $5 to $50.

Tap on Amount and Select any from $5 - $50

Step #7: Once you choose the amount, tap on Payment Method; you can add Credit/Debit Card, Add Card from Visa Checkout or set up PayPal account.

Tap on Payment Method and Select any method

If you have already set up a Payment mode, you only need to select any one method.

Step #8: Finally, tap on Send button from top right corner.

Last, add some funny or romantic comment and send a gift card via text message. The person who receives your gift card will be happy to receive such a warm gift. The receiver has to redeem a Starbucks eGift card.


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If luck doesn’t smile upon you, you may face an issue like iMessage not working. Fret not! There are always solutions to all problems.

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After the release of iOS 10, Messages app has witnessed a lot of changes, and true-blue iPhone users have welcome these changes. Among those, people like to use iMessage on PC or laptop.

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